April Fools

Even if you fall short of a majority, you will still have a formidable army if you can just attract all the fools to your side.



No need to study time tables; no reason to hang around the depot, watching, I can tell you now that eventually all extremes meet.  (It might be best if you personally were not the point of convergence.)



It is truly hard to succeed on a City team when no vacancies exist at your position.  (Or, when Life seems loath to even recognize your league.)



In the City, ‘tis been said that, “Were it not for his imagination, a man would be as thrilled in the arms of a chambermaid as with a duchess,” and as valid as that may seem, let me clarify it by adding, “Then again, maybe not.”  Hello, hello I say! Is the fun-forum now taking calls from the lower, doing molecules, or is it speaking with the higher, more sophisticated thinking ones?



If mere talk is real encouragement, then we’re ALL Norman Vincent Peale’s grandmother.