Everything’s an echo of sorts.



A Man overly infatuated can’t get off the train.



If you wanna get in some good practice for the Loud Screamers Contest, get someone to keep asking you “if you’re jealous?” “if you’re envious?” “if you’re mad?”



In, I suppose, some moment of unscheduled stupor, a downtown fellow once wrote that, “Those who pass most comfortably through this world, are those with good digestive tracts and hard hearts,” and for the life of me I can’t imagine why Life’s Chamber of Commerce doesn’t have this placed as a welcoming motto on all its City limits signs.




I’m not sure we were supposed to find any religious implications herein, but a certain ole’ City sorehead recently noted, “Each Man’s life represents a mad rush towards a place where he can just hang out, stagger around in circles, and spit.”  Hey, don’t laugh, he could be right.