Code of Conduct

If there WAS no Code Of Conduct, the Revolutionist would have to invent one.  Or, perhaps, vicey-versey.



As far as certain “City views” are concerned, only a Real Revolutionist can willfully, and cheerfully, “totally miss the point.”



Update R-47: If it’s native to the City, it doesn’t count.  You may, however, create a Revolutionist version OF it, out in the Bushes.



Anyone who responds to you by saying, “Well, let’s see, my first thought is, blah-blah-blah…” is generally not going to have a second one.



From one of those many little campfires you see dotted around the edge of the City, I heard this stated, “If I ain’t better by tomorrow, there ain’t gonna BE no tomorrow.”  My query to you is this:  Was that a comment on time, or health?