Man is Man

Don’t forget that the highest, most exotic, most abstract, of human ideas, arise from lowly, mute chemical passions.



A Real Revolutionist wouldn’t do anything in his sleep that he wouldn’t do in someone else’s sleep.



‘Twas said, “Those in debt are not necessarily dishonest,” okay, but don’t discount dumb.



Let’s all say it together now, “Everything is ad hoc.”  (By the by, what moderating, functioning intelligence, can conceive of an otherwise?)



For those of you who have heard of, and can recall my story of “The Project,” can you see that the Project site IS the Project?  That the fence around the site IS the Project?  For those who may have enjoyed that, I give the following coda:  Man is Man; Man himself IS Man; Man as he hopes he is, is Man, and Man as he FEARS he is, is Man.  Any questions?