The Oppressive Weight of the Heaviest

What is there in the City that can withstand ridicule?  Or, I guess I could just ask, “What is there in the City that is permanently real?”



I guess it is possible to look upon life as a kind of test, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you, awaiting a passing grade.



And we play this next number for all of those fondly dancing with their eyes closed.  Wow, are they in love, or what?  No, the question is, are they in love WITH what?



It is best that all would-be Revolutionists be on constant guard against the oppressive weight of the heaviest.  That’s right, you heard it first.



One guy, who seemed to be some kinda cross ‘twixt routine sore-head and revolutionary dreamer, once said, “I tried to get involved with the religions, but I just never could see what the hell there was to feel guilty about.