If You Don't Like It, You Won't Believe It

Once, in a fierce battle, a Warrior executed certain life-preserving, day-saving actions, and later his liege and companions attempted to honor him by crying out the virtues he displayed in his heroic feat.  “Fore-sight,” cried out one.  “Bravery,” added another.  “Lightening responses,” cried a third, at which time the Warrior added his voice by declaring, “Nay, you mis-name the true force involved, it was a case of ‘stark inevitability.’”  Such are the elements of a real Revolution and the Revolutionist.



Why else do you imagine Life gives Men “worst fears,” if not to have them realized.



A true guide for the wary, if not perplexed, in the City, is as follows:

Don’t be impressed with something just because you don’t understand it.



One cannot ultimately “do-the-Revolution” from some mere sense of duty; it must be pursued because you find it irresistibly pleasurable.  Remember:  If you don’t like something, you won’t believe it.



Besides what I’ve already mentioned regarding a Revolutionist’s words being a kind of code, it is Life itself that is the supreme cryptographer, always speaking, but in a code known to but a handful of cells.