Misery Loves Company and...

May I suggest to you that, vis-à-vis the general operations of the City Yellow Circuitry, that you therein favor short stories, and not lengthy novels.



A few days ago, whilst strolling along a rather dreary street in the City, from a roof top I heard this cry, “I no longer believe there IS such a thing as normality!” And I began to whistle as I walked.



That life seems so unpredictable, and yet not all that surprising, to City consciousness, is witnessed by the fact that at the track there are fifty twenty dollar windows for every hundred dollar one.  (And, I might add, ten bathrooms for every one lunch counter.)



The past is where all those who don’t, “Beware the blank-blanks of the mind,” end up.



One sorta fine day Life looked upon the saying, “Misery loves company,” and found it to be good.  But upon further rumination, realized there was room for improvement, and need for an update.  So Life added, “Misery loves publicity.”  Now it’s right.