Might, Might Not

Anything that I say a Revolutionist “might do,” he might just as likely NOT do.



Heard a disgruntled voice complain, “Jeeze, it’s ALWAYS something,” and then another replied, “Yeah, but look at the alternative.”



It’s probably better in the long run to try and not be the brother, or sister, of a famous person.



Which would be the greater loss:  to have no adjectives, or no adverbs?  Well, I guess it would depend on whether you lived in Stuff City, or stayed in Actionville, now wouldn’t it.



That singular father I have previously mentioned to you, as his second lesson, told that exceptional son, who I have already noted, the following:  “Listen, don’t come ‘running to me’ when you want to come ‘running to me.’”  And the lad was amazed and refreshed anew.