The Purpose of Words

Well, sure, you can be eccentric, but can you keep it that it means something?



No matter what Ms. Greenblatt may have told you in the tenth grade, I’m here to set your record straight:  All words have the same, base definition.  (Now THAT’S the kinda stuff you can’t get from public education.)



Okay, let me be even MORE straight and specific:

The PURPOSE of all words is the same.

Now, is that better?



If you merely attempt to “go by the rules,” you’ll always be too late.  By the time rules are formulated and adopted in any area, they are outdated.  For example, you could never be a Muslim by attending to Islamic rules.  Weird, but true.  Weird, but fascinating.  Weird, but efficiency exemplified.



In the City, all Men secretly laugh, ofttimes in dazed bewilderment, at other Men’s sense of duty.