Excuses, Excuses

Could a Real Revolutionist use the idea of having a house that seemed almost “un-lived in,” internally?  He himself leaving almost no trace OF himself IN himself?



With ordinary, 3-D consciousness, you can never measure the infinite, or the too vague.



Sign in the City, “Dozen Roses, $5.95 or $9.95,” and the guy asks the difference.  “Six dollars a dozen,” is replied.  “Yeah, I know that, but what’s the difference in the roses?”  “None,” comes the reply, “same roses, it’s just that you can either pay $5.95 or $9.95.”  As I have said be four, if not five, there MAY be hope for the City yet.



I heard that one City organization had as its motto the following, “Help for the living, hope for the dead.”  I think I’ll withhold comment until someone reverses this credo.



Everything that most People do is just an excuse.