Don't Be Wasteful

Anyone in the City who seriously proclaims how “impressed they are,” with the intelligence of some other City-ite, is, if I may re-turn a phrase, pretty easily im-damned-pressed.



The 11th Commandment of The Bushes:

Don’t be wasteful.  Even should your efforts seem useless or unnecessary, don’t be wasteful.



Read in a City book the following statement:

“A single, large vice in a Man is apt to keep out many smaller ones,” but how about my addendum:  Big – I mean REALLY big –  vices may just keep a Man from noticing lesser ones.  For instance, who today remembers Attila’s simply dreadful habit of always interrupting other people?



Should you prefer to be met by a friendly experience or a hostile theory?  Too easy?  Okay, try it this way:  Would you prefer to dance with an adversarial theory, or a pleasing experience?  (Call me nothing, if not agreeable, flexible, and not after eleven p.m.)



“I’ll never trust another robin as long as I live,” cried a Man simply desperate for suffering and disappointment.