A certain City intelligentsia overheard rebuffing his scion, “If the Golden Age of Greece were alive today, what would it have to say about you?”



Any particular goods are not really your hobby if, by once possessing them, they lose their value and desirability.



‘Twas once said that,
 “Only on the edge of the grave,
can a Man become conclusive.” 
But, say I,
“Only on the edge of conclusion,
does a Man become grave.”



One City guy was always saying, “They should put me in the book…they should put me in the book…”  And finally his wife and some of his friends pointed out that there WAS no book about guys like him, so then he began to always be saying, “They should write the book…they should write the book…”



If questioned on the matter, even superficially, do you believe that ANYbody would claim to have meant EVERY thing they ever said?