One City poet declared his purposes thusly, “All I ever wanted to do was to show the people how truly sad and dreary were their lives.”  I’ll bet the people must have been rightly overcome in their gratitude.



The most inconvenient thing about ordinary opinions is that they cut off the view.  Don’t be a post in the auditorium of Life.



Pretentious City verse updated:

An open heart,
an open mind,
will bring friends from afar. 
But nothing has
the drawing power
of having an “open bar.”



History is just whatever Life SEZ it is.



To a Real Revolutionist, it’s ALL the same.


…and by unpopular demand, epilogued:

A Revolutionist, who had never spoken to his offspring, one day took the child by the shoulders and told him, “Look, I don’t EVER wanna hear about your ‘personal problems’ – EVER!”  And the little heir exclaimed to his little self, “My god, what a delicious, and all-revealing first instruction.”