Larger Tongues

This one handyman once instructed his son thusly, “If anyone ever offers you any advice on how you should behave, pretend to listen closely, then open up your eyes REAL wide and ask them, ‘Wow, if I Do all that then will I look like you?’”



Another Health update:

I now have further sufficient evidence to state that it is no worse for you to go outdoors and play than it is to sit around and watch TV.



I recently attended a well publicized lecture by a well padded City thinker who concluded his remarks thusly, “And I leave you with this, which IS perhaps the most pressing question of the day, Does anyone know what I’m talking about?”



For all we take, we must pay, but the prudent price is a joke, a laugh, a horsing-around in the slaughter queue.



Those who stick out their tongues at Life likely have larger tongues at them stuck out.