The Show Must Go On

I was with a Revolutionist once when he first heard that rhetorical query, “At what price victory?”  And he thought that was the FUNNIEST thing he’d ever heard.



A Revolutionist is like a sailor who never gets shore leave.  And a Real Revolutionist doesn’t even care…assuming he ever notices.



Then this lawyer stood up and shouted,” But your Grace, there IS no such charge as ‘Sodomy of the Mind.’”



One efficient City guy proclaimed, “I believe in justice for others, whining for me.”  And his semi-brother added, “And I will not grovel, unless it is absolutely necessary or convenient,” at which time his sketchy sister chimed in, “Yes, and I, for my part, will keep my very knickers nailed down, except when humanity’s back in town.”



Just because the “show must go on” doesn’t mean you have to buy a forty-dollar bag of popcorn.