Don't Give 'Em Anything to Go On!

I heard it said by one City scribe, “There is a right way of saying something, and a wrong way of saying something,” but I gotta tell you, there’s NO way of saying something.



Yes, yet another tantalizing description of the City:  A place where everyone demands answers, while no one has the slightest notion what the goddamned questions are.



As you know, I try and maintain some hope for the City, and of late, I have received a modicum of encouragement by my exposure to several local enterprises, and their mottos, to wit:  A church whose logo stated, “Fuck you,” and the travel agency which simply said, “Go to hell.”



“current events,” and
“the news,”
are some of Life’s more astounding, breathtaking nom de guerre.



Don’t give ‘em anything to go on.