Ordinary memory is like a drunken accountant from another planet.



No case has ever been officially recorded of a Revolutionist congratulating himself…well, except for that ONE instance, (and then the dude exploded).



Where do all these people come from who continually carp about, “If we would just apply ourselves, we could make a much better life for us all.”  Do they bus ‘em in just for this purpose?



There was this bunny, whose ears were so long as to almost incapacitate him, and someone noted, “Ofttimes inbred attributes can themselves become a hindrance; not at all uncommon amongst royalty.”  And a human hearing this thought, “Then I must be a pretender to some throne, for my brain nearly incapacitates me.”



Now don’t any of you leave home and go back into the City without remembering how to properly use the ole Bit-Town-One-Two-Punch:  First tell ‘em, “That’s NOT what I said,” and when they offer irrefutable proof to the contrary counter with, “Okay, but that’s NOT what I meant.”