Being Human Ain't the Half

If the City’s good-&-evil, right-&-wrong, true-&-false ever DID reconcile their differences and get together, the rest of us are goners.



On one City station I heard the following advertisement: “Order today, the one and only, the original cure and treatment for ALL your personal, financial and household problems, the fantastic ‘Mister Fix-It,’ complete with detailed instructions as to how to place the barrel in your mouth, and properly grip the trigger.”



The Real, active Revolutionist, is he who would stick out his tongue at the wind, and make rude gestures at lightning.



Just remember, being human ain’t the half of it.



Perhaps I can sum up the long-&-short of attempts to stretch City logic over the real world by simply noting for you that IF Jonathan Swift were alive today, he would weigh over six hundred pounds.