It's Simple...

There’s a Man who lives in Lisbon, and Baghdad, who knows where everyone is.



Back in the City, a guy was playing around with a dog, and kinda mumbling to himself in pleasure, complimented god on making such a delightful creature. “Great job,” he said, “of course that’s just MY opinion…”  He thought for a moment, then added, “but you SHOULD be impressed – YOU gave it to me.”



In any open-ended Olympic gathering, never bet against the Armenian Tickling Team.



One curious fellow, about eighty-five years back said, “To know there IS a secret, is to know half of it,” – yeah, yeah, but who noticed it lately?



In the City do it like this:

First, announce your specific plans (for both you and your listeners to consider).

Second:  Begin to immediately work on your upcoming explanation as to why the plans weren’t fully executed (like pointing out how an intellectual person like yourself is always altering plans as unfolding circumstances may wisely dictate…)  Yeah, that’s it…they’ll buy that like white bread on sale.


A conclusion:  The essence of Man’s activity may not only be simpler than you have ever imagined, it may be simpler than you CAN imagine.