Other People's Plans

A king was being critical of someone, and brought himself up by thinking, “Oh, I guess I shouldn’t be so critical,” then he thought a moment more, and said, “Hell, I EXCEL at being critical, plus it’s my job.”



Hell is filled with other people’s plans that NEARLY worked.



Insofar as the City is concerned:

If you’re getting older, and you’re not getting piss-der, you’re not getting old correctly.



You gotta admit, being MAN’S god wouldn’t be that big a deal.



One guy was trying to recount to another the background of a certain family’s wealth, and as he was struggling with the details he remarked, “Well, it just shows how much such success stories mean to a man like myself.”  And the other feller sez, “You mean to a man, himself, well-off?  “Nah, a man with a bad memory.”