Tumbling up the Rabbit-hole

      Jan spoke three nights a week for years to an Atlanta work-group, and these excursions into the dazzling and beguiling second, or mental, reality of Life would continually rip one’s accepted constructs apart, while also exciting the same witnessing minds that were attempting to comprehend that most personal upheaval in the first place.

       Every few minutes he would hand out a new image or observation, such as, “ you can talk about only two things: stuff and feelings, and all of man’s problems come from treating the latter as the former…” or “education doesn’t exist, only schools, teachers, books and pupils,” and then he would delve into the practical implications of seeing this for oneself out in society and most particularly, in the society of one’s own mind.  

       This occurred all the while he was keeping at least half the audience in stitches, as they realized he could be pointing at them, (or, rather, bending their fingers until they were pointing at themselves). From this interchange,  you can see the beauty of calculated misdirection (minds generally don’t grow profitably from frontal assaults as our bodies might).  Then that spark of recognition would lead one to at least a skinny (or robust if you are fortunate) comprehension of—

              One: consciousness made up this other, second reality.

              Two: consciousness immediately forgot that it made it up,

              Three: consciousness immediately begins to criticize what it made up.

              And four: consciousness, through this criticism and commentary, continues to build this other reality, ad infinitum...

       Whew! The joy of words,  the joy of seeing that it all is just words…so we have this archive of some years worth of these commentaries which are available for fostering various impertinent prodding and poking of one’s own mental nether regions...Have fun (and beware, there are few things more dangerous to self than running with a sharp cerebral stick).