Jan Cox Talk 0266

Life Is the Ultimate Anonymous Tipster

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Summary by TK

#266 Jun 25, 1987 - 1:35

  [Kyroot reading to :08.]
  [There is no such thing as a conditional revolution. Evolution is meaningless in the context of a single lifetime. Revolution inside evolution is required --i.e., within the parameters of an individual's time and place. More, such effort is apparently useless; doesn't make you rich and famous. ]
  [D-influence is mechanical and slow; dull witted, sloganeering; solemn, sober. C-influence is more process-like vs. thing-like; quicker, complex, adaptive and insouciant. Fear is only the predictable expectation/anticipation of ad-hoc D, and this is ultimately realized by Real Revolutionists. Real Revolutionists then learn to ignore expectations of the future by denying thoughts of the past. "Nothing is certain except the past" ...and memory's effect on those who believe in and depend on it. Memory is impossible without the Yellow Circuit; impossible to depend and believe in the past without Yellow Circuit. All memory activity is D related; slow, mechanical. The Few must realize that it can be ignored. "The past is the father of all names". A condemnation of anonymous information: anonymous sources (faceless, nameless) seek to influence while escaping responsibility. This is the decrying of Life by ordinary consciousness. Life is the ultimate anonymous tipster. Life's face is so large it is invisible to man. This is a process of Life's effort thru This Thing; anonymity is precisely the attraction and power of This Thing for The Few, but the bane of the ordinary. ]
  [There is a human syndrome/belief that by verbally minimizing a reality/problem it will actually affect the reality itself. Such verbal minimizing is always done with fear and is ponderous and mechanical. It can be done willfully, profitably by The Few but they must do it deftly, swiftly, fearlessly to themselves. ]
  [The Real Revolutionist would always have at hand an immediate remedy for attacks of conscience: bad memory; a willfully bad memory. Conscience is not a boon to a Real Revolutionist; it's a malady. ]
  [It cannot be expected of you now to do This Thing 100% of the time. But it can be expected that when you remember to apply yourself to This Thing, it is 100% effort then; that you devote your full attention to the effort.