Jan Cox Talk 0315.2

Paradigm 2

Also known as Paradigm, this is the second in a series for new people.
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Summary by TK

Jan Cox Talk # 0315.2  - January 28, 1988  ( Paradigm ) 2:00
  [Jan answers questions from new people. Love and the dominant/submissive dance. God/religion is the ultimate dominating agent. Men are dying to submit even to the extent of not needing positive proof of God's existence. Ordinary consciousness takes love to be a 'thing' which has been improperly used. But love is behavior, not a thing. Love is cellular-level behavior functioning at the efficiency needed by Life right now. Dissatisfaction = call for love. Whatever is held admirable and noble, divine by Life is by definition unattainable. Relation to a definitive dream ipso facto unachievable. What is the use of talking to yourself at all? "Flaws" are the primary flow system/mechanism for energy flow in humanity. ][ Question re: hostility and belittling humor--what is it? Any form of criticism = hostility. Hostility is an absolute block to new information. Hostility is a response to your own limits, thus you cannot see beyond them; cannot hear what any situation says to you. ][ You've got to be so rich you just don't care about your City-self. Don't be anything; don't tell yourself what you think you are. ][ Hobby = enjoyment independent of an audience. ][ Ways around the Ruling Powers: don't talk to yourself (consciousness is the last to know) Don't respond; nothing happens when you tell yourself what you're doing. Note the continuing success of diet books and self hypnosis tapes. It is proof positive they're failures; don't work. They are a form of Life's talking to Itself and accomplishing nothing. The first real taste of  strength/power is to not talk to yourself. ][ 'Wants' per se aren't bad, but you must understand the basis of them: useless for This activity.