Internal Spatial Oddessey

An Internal Spatial Odyssey


Rick Moser


Helen turned and spoke with a clarity as never before, demonstrating to the rest of us her internal journey had become an ongoing venture full of mystery, intrigue, and astonishing realizations. Seven of us took personal oaths amongst ourselves to "push the envelope" of internal investigation. We would pursue this journey so far as to uncover the very nature of pure existence, pertaining to conscious action with each and every breath. It is one thing to read about such exploration, quite another to actualize it for internal personal growth. We set ourselves the task to tap into an area of the brain's resources, heretofore unavailable to contemporary human consciousness. No small feat, I assure you, but one with inevitable results regardless of the toll it would take upon us all. Science has been baffled for eons attempting to map the areas of our mentation which hold the key to unlock a myriad of surprises, especially when it comes to solving the age old mystery of "what are you going to say next". We researched every potential avenue of mental investigation for over ten years, only to find nary a comment or explanation of this seemingly insignificant reality. This simple query is common to all humans who use language for expression of thought, as well as intimate contact amongst ourselves. Now with the most amazing look in her eyes, Helen began to point the rest of us toward a solution which none of us could have fathomed, on our own, over this ten year investigation. Both Jack & Dave spent several weeks attempting to find a group of folks who spent their entire lives pursuing this very discovery. On one occasion the two of them were invited to spend a few hours with some people, who instead of attempting to answer in words, pointed to an area of the brain responsible for uttering words with no apparent conscious effort at all. They mentioned something about a unique area of the brain which utilized a SPACE, of some kind, between thought and word expression, for some sort of willful control. It became a bit difficult to communicate with them though since no actual words were exchanged in the meeting.  Dave looked at Jack with this look of wow..."how does one person convey a concept to another without using words"?

Helen heard that conversation and looked at all of us with this grin of complete satisfaction. She said, with her eyes, and a slight movement of her head, in a manner resembling a bow.....uttering only these words "remember this SPACE within mentation.....just before words become vocalized..."  and she paused for several seconds before she spoke again....." the secret to "what am I going to say next" lies within that SPACE.......neither words nor thoughts will exist there"......

Sally chimed in along with Rick and asked, " what sort of action is needed to find this SPACE within mentation?" Helen once again cast her gaze upon all 6 of us with a look of amazement as she graciously replied...." to achieve true conscious action, when using words, regardless of the conversation at hand, this very real SPACE, in mentation, must be discovered on an individual basis. The most direct method of discovery involves an understanding of the difference between ordinary thought (unconscious verbalization) and that of true conscious action, using words which emanate from this SPACE, allowing only carefully chosen wording before expressing same." Dave & Jack both chuckled in a sort of affirmation of Helen's discourse. They had suspected something along similar descriptions from having read secret papers of specific groups of people attempting this very action that Helen seemed to be in command of now. Just then Tom walked in and began to ask more specific questions of Helen regarding this conscious action emanating from an indescribable SPACE located in the brain of all humans, a SPACE with no identifiable connection to ordinary thought and speech patterns.

Helen also began to chuckle as she moved her hands in a very specific motion, illustrating how this new concept of SPACE might breathe, as it were, within the confines of all of our individual brains. As Helen was moving her hands she began to softly utter the following sentence: " The function of language is communication of "essence" within our inner understanding. When our mouths merely mimic an unconscious statement, full of a plethora of emotions, opinions, disconnected thought, there is no possibility of knowing "what you will say next". The area of the brain which has a chance to express true conscious action must reside in a unique SPACE where no thoughts nor words can cohabitate without first being part of a higher effort at expression."

Tom looked more mystified than usual but continued to probe Helen's curious answer. " Is it possible to both employ conscious action and simultaneously retain any hostility in verbalization?" Helen didn't even have to use words for this answer, she merely looked at all of us and moved her head from left to right, in the most direct mode, with a look of gentle scolding. Tom seemed to get it but exclaimed, "Ok then, that clears one thing up, there is no such verbalization containing even the subtlest form of hostile expression that can ever emanate from this SPACE, hence ensuring no possibility of true conscious speech as long as the undertone of anger resides."

Helen's smile brightened up the entire area, we all found ourselves congregated in, such that none of us could help but follow suit and smiles erupted into playful laughter, of a kind only an innocent child is capable of.

Sally looked to Rick for some support as she began to query us all with more interest in Helen's experience which lead her to this astounding realization. "I have been searching for this SPACE all my life, how did you manage to discover and utilize same?

Jack took a shot and said, " one of the more exceptional experiences I had several years ago was when I happened upon several people who attempted to solve the question of what prayer (in all religions) was really about. One person, in the group of interested parties, mentioned the comparison between praying and quiet consideration of newly discovered concepts. Although praying seems to include some form of a deity, the quiet consideration (as opposed to raucous opinions) of newly discovered concepts, seems analogous without the necessity of a deity. The difference being, an individual considers the concept with neither the expectation of an immediate solution, nor the possibility for complete failure. Understanding this concept requires actual experience." Tom continued, " if we are able to access Helen's SPACE using the method of "consideration" rather than mere thinking of things, perhaps this is one way to find our own individual SPACE through a sort of internal sanctuary created expressly for this purpose."

Helen smiled once again but said nothing. Dave turned to Sally and asked her, "have you ever noticed the act of considering itself is free from any expected outcome either positive or negative?" Sally replied, " I first heard of that idea of "considering", as opposed to mere "thinking of" things, a few years ago when I read a short story titled "For Your Consideration" someone had entered in a fiction writer's contest. The writer mentioned the concept of creating an internal sanctuary of a kind which was independent of any allegiance to ordinary thoughts/opinions. Instead, this sanctuary seems connected to Helen's SPACE. I wonder if I might be able to take an internal shortcut to the SPACE using my newly created internal sanctuary?"

The entire area seemed charged with passionate energy as Helen's husband, Joseph,  walked in and said. " I see Helen has "spilled the beans", as it were, regarding her presentation of the newly discovered internal SPACE. All six of us started to laugh softly as Joseph also began to smile and said, "All I can say is after these many years of Helen's foray into the higher workings of the brain it is quite possible she has uncovered something even neuro- science has missed. Her SPACE has a unique quality of being, literally, undetectable due to the very nature of being without actual visible form. And yet, still a process within our brains to allow for pointing towards an immediate solution of the "what am I going to say Next" question."

Once again all six of us began to chuckle knowing full well what might be the NEXT vocalization.

"In order for true conscious action to be employed, as the human brain begins to speak words, this method of identifying, and executing speech, through the SPACE of consideration, (as opposed to ordinary thinking) is a truly viable means which, when mastered through persistent effort, can yield results beyond a person's wildest dreams."






Rick Moser

Born in Bethesda, MD in 1951 here is a person who never quite settled for the "normal" lifestyle. The idea of extraordinary living seemed inevitable and at an early age (21), as luck would have it, the opportunity to explore "extraordinary" living, via an understanding of REAL experience (as opposed to imagined book learning),found it's way to his own mentation. As with most efforts, persistence became the necessary effort once a real system of alternative consciousness became available. Forty two years later (NOW) these musings may server to give a few like minded internal travelers the opportunity to attempt a similar journey. For a few of you this may be your ONLY chance to escape the vagaries of your own Life produced sense of "self".

Conscious Meanderings

Meandering through a conscious forest of impressions brings a plethora of images that allow a level of pure thought to thrive. This activity of the brain is only possible when ordinary thinking takes a holiday and gives way to a combination of subtle chaos mixed with creative gestures of conscious thought. All humans have this potential once they see the benefit of finding a sanctuary of independent, connected mentation (via some extraordinary effort) owing no allegiance to routine living, and the everyday thinking a mind is so ready to accept as something it found on it's own. The how of such a potential is always the tricky part to reveal. Words are not the only method of describing this effort yet, as such, must attempt to point in a manner so the mind can, for the first time, gaze in a slightly oblique manner, towards an internal direction never before explored. Internal exploration is, in and of itself, almost impossible without some sort of realization which affirms the existence of an alternative platform of conscious thought. The mind allows itself to declare a semblance of free will in the pursuit of independent thought when in fact that option is merely a fantasy. To actualize any newly created conscious thought the sanctuary I speak of must exist apart from everyday random thinking. While religions, self help groups, infinitum, purport to offer access to such a level of thought, it is never achieved as long as the elements of doubt and frustration continue to haunt an individual's effort. Something must occur apart from the natural tendency to imagine one's brain can just conjure up this newly found sanctuary on it's own. This something is achieved through a newly acquired vista which requires effort of a type unknown to the everyday thought process. Here is a real world example which points toward accessing such an internal position: Write down on a piece of paper 5 activities which are something you are, not only unfamiliar with in theory, but frighten you to extremes, when postulating actual experience of same. Attempt to execute ONE of the 5 in real time over one week for a period of 1 hour each day. Preferably the activity which frightens your ordinary mentation the most. Do not actually attempt something which might bring physical harm due to lack of talent (like swallowing a sword), rather pick something which requires creative input from a place (internally) you are unsure of success. I could mention some real examples here, but in so doing, my suggestion would be stolen by your ordinary thinking process, leading to a stale experience of same. Try to pick activity which is just outside your current belief in a successful accomplishment. But not so far outside your potential realization that it would be looked at as impossible. After executing this task for one week find a suitable time to yourself, apart from your everyday busy schedule, and simply write down, in one short paragraph, a description of the actualization this task brought to your mind. Do not allow ANY critique of any sort, rather, describe as briefly as possible the activity and it's apparent outcome (successful or otherwise), remembering that the very attempt itself IS success.

Never again let your everyday mind recall any negative description of this experience, and if daydreams try to put their hands on such experience.......force the mind to ignore these attempts. The place in your mentation where this experience resides IS your sanctuary and as such never allow random thoughts to try and desecrate such experience. Extraordinary living is as accessible as your remembrance of said sanctuary. Real, extraordinary, internal exploration is not connected to any experience you found accidentally. Rather it is dependant upon newly created ventures outside your everyday purview.

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Rick Moser

Born in Bethesda, MD in 1951 here is a person who never quite settled for the "normal" lifestyle. The idea of extraordinary living seemed inevitable and at an early age (21), as luck would have it, the opportunity to explore "extraordinary" living, via an understanding of REAL experience (as opposed to imagined book learning),found it's way to his own mentation. As with most efforts, persistence became the necessary effort once a real system of alternative consciousness became available. Forty two years later (NOW) these musings may server to give a few like minded internal travelers the opportunity to attempt a similar journey. For a few of you this may be your ONLY chance to escape the vagaries of your own Life produced sense of "self".

Accessing The Marrow.........Or How To Become....Not You

Accessing The Marrow...Or How To become, NOT YOU


Rick Moser

Wandering among the inner vistas, views which by their very nature seem only as unreachable dreams for most of us, it occurs to me there might be a method by which some of you readers will stand for nothing less than full accessibility. Accessing the marrow of Life in every aspect of your daily travels can yield amazing results. Most of us learn to be content with the hum drum existence, taking for granted no one really has any specific "answers" for both the "big" questions (Why are we here, What is my Purpose...etc) as well as the little ones like why did I pay over $20 for this book anyway?

Since the entire idea of "Time" is arbitrarily invented for the sole purpose of allowing our process of mentation to exist I will be "tripping the light fantastic", as it were, throughout this manuscript.  Do not attempt to hold on to any specific time frame either of your invention nor mine.

Almost every thought, feeling, sensation, experience of any kind, both internally & externally, is processed within our own brain in such a manner as to completely "miss the point" (assuming there is a point to any of it). I am completely correct in uttering the phrase "Everything You Think You Know Is Incorrect". Most of you will merely dismiss this statement as nonsense, as you rightly should. A very few might wish to know the basis for such a claim. Stick around because we will return to this at a much later time.

What does one have to do to experience "new" information or "new" processes with regard to how we experience Life in any viable form both internally (what you call thinking) as well as visceral day to day interactions at the street level? The answer to that question is tied directly to the one about "everything you think you know is incorrect".

So...I ask you, is this book about cool ideas, deep thoughts, revolutionary thinking?

If it is about any of those choices then I am wasting both yours and my time and we both should go bowling instead of reading on. Rather, if my methods here have any merit for either of us your entire mental processing of EVERYTHING needs re-fabricating. You have no idea how difficult this might be but one thing is for certain, I would not bother to waste your time if I wasn't 100% certain this is possible, doable, & downright necessary for your continued interest in living Life to the max with each and every breath.

A couple of things this book is NOT about. I have no interest in having you believe in anything, rather my sole interest is forcing your internal gaze to accept nothing less than full on direct experience both at the street level as well as internally. Only then will any of this re-fabricate your entire processing ability at the highest level of  mentation, the likes of which you have never even glanced upon even in your wildest dreams. Also, if you are of the inclination to feel Life has a higher purpose for you and now is your chance to have it all revealed.......put this back on the shelf and go bowling anyway.

I can say, unequivocally, this manuscript will never become a popular reading item and if it does I have certainly mis written it. The real purpose of any writings, such as these, would be to allow the reader to deconstruct his or her entire existence while simultaneously for the first time learn how to wander (internally) amidst the wasteland of thinking and out of the ashes of everyday thoughts catch a glimpse of potential, never before dreamed of, sparkles with rich, never ending portals of entry to the world of  NOT YOU.

I know you have heard all about that popular desire to "find yourself" seek that inner "YOU" and discover your purpose in Life. Please, if you are to benefit from any of the words in this book do me a favor.......forget that a "YOU" ever existed. Relish the hour when something in you realizes there is not  now nor has there ever been a "You".

Even if I am incorrect in any description found in these writings (not likely) to make the most of this a simple foundation of your thinking status must be forever disconnected.

Much like the phrase "everything you think you know is incorrect" the idea of a stable and unified "YOU" existing somewhere in your internal mentation is simply a lie.

Remember how I said we are on a journey through disjointed "Time" and to ignore any real time discrepancies....ok then hold on, here we go.

Moms & Dads always try to do their dutiest to guide their little darlings through Life as best they can. We all start off with an entire imaginary set of apparent Do's & Dont's with regard to simple actions, speech, etc. You are four years old and now you hear commands from the parents to try and understand emotions such as love, hate, like, dislike, good , bad...the list is endless. You don't actually process this nonsense as either positive or negative until at some point the parent scolds or encourages such behavior. When you find encouragement for some action or speech your mentation suggests some form of "right" and the scolding emphasizes "wrong". The brain has little choice but to make these apparent connections for future use. Once again the "YOU" part of yourself is building a false foundation that is destined to crash at some point just this side of puberty, or shortly thereafter. Not to worry, Moms & Dads did their rightful duty and no blame can be assigned to them nor should it be. In fact, the very first completely NEW connection you can have while re-fabricating your mentation is one that will completely forgive parents of any wrong doing in the fetching up of you. Real forgiveness can only be had if you should someday find that the writings here have led you to an internal land where accusations of blame, disgust, distrust, malevolence and a million other similar feelings simply vanish. They disappear and become worthless amidst the notion that a re-fabricated existence deems such nonsense as no longer necessary for a life of seamless visage from all 360 points of view.

Ok  here's where your ancient mentation process will ask, "well what about all the religious teachings from around the world"? "Aren't we to credit their teachings with moral instruction and, if so, surely there must be an objective set of "rights" & "wrongs"?

See there, now that is why re-fabrication of this entire mentation is REALLY necessary.

Men & Women down through the ages have had no choice but to create myths to our existence on a "need to do so" basis. Regardless of whose culture created which type of imaginary deity there was indeed a NEED for it at the time, either for survival or to keep each other from slaughtering themselves.  Once again no blame here is expected for all the apparent wrong doings of a particular sect or group of organized people claiming justification for their action or inactions. Remember this manuscript is NOT about creating another imagined set of beliefs, least of all condemning one group of people over another regardless of what they stand for. Re-fabrication of mentation is a process which by it's very nature will discard any beliefs in ANYTHING. All that will be left is hard core glimpses, connected by other views, worlds apart from younger mis connections the brain had no choice but to make at the time.

By the way if you think I have forgotten the other side of imaginary emotions we all get fetched up with, such as the big one, love....well it too was a product of our misguided youth, at least in the form so popularly used today. For a re-fabricated mentation to be of any benefit to the organism employing same I will admit something akin to "love" will make an appearance. You won't like this discovery unless you are ok with pursuing some heavy duty effort to reproduce same. In the land of re-discovered, re-fabricated mentation the REAL version of what's behind the term "love" requires a lifetime of effort to illicit and even longer to actualize, internally to oneself, much less on a fellow human being.

It's not that it's a dreamscape and unrealizable......but you better practice on easier accessibilities such as refusal to "kick" at someone's apparent mis-interpretation of your own failings. In the land of internal re-fabrication no matter what emerges vocally from your lips someone is ALWAYS ready to turn it against you no matter how sweet your pronouncement.

Ok enough of the delicacies and on to some basic "lookout belows" to view in a completely unorthodox method, hopefully for your ultimate internal benefit as we wander further into the abyss, where you have never considered wandering before!

If you still insist upon reading further I must warn you this manuscript is not simply a "read & wonder" kind of  experience, rather, if you have the passion to take it upon your own to dispel most of what Life has forced you to accept, regarding real evolution of thought via actual "hands off experience" then let's begin with a few little known methods to turn your mentation upside down in favor of a type of internal discovery known only to the very FEW humans who demand of themselves excellence of living.

How is it possible to completely re-write your very mentative existence such that everything you experience will be seen with a completely NEW sense of relative understanding? Everyone has experienced the harsh reality of another person confronting him or her with aspersions of one type or another. Your own reaction (either internally or vocally in retort) is usually something completely contrived by an uncontrollable force within which ,according to type, resembles voices from some distant, unknown construct with neither your approval nor responsibility. You have experienced this type of event since you were 3 years old and in every instance powerless to react in an alternative manner. If you are the type to submit to such harassment it is likely no words will emanate from your mouth, rather, all retorts will remain in your ordinary mental reactive mind. No real means of closure and continuous invitations to illicit memories of extreme negative sensation that likely follow you around to your own demise some day. This manuscript is about permanently circumnavigating all social aspersions either from other humans or your own apparent sensation of self. Here's a real life example of how to cease any form of reaction to such events: Next time this actual scene arises, and we ALWAYS know it's coming beforehand, take the complete opposing view from your normal reaction and force a new situation to occur. Force an internal agreement with whatever negative energy is coming your way such that it emulates what the ancient teaching of Tai Chi encourages. Instead of your normal reaction of resistance, allow such energy to be embraced as if you knew all along the truth to such accusation. It becomes an extreme ACT to force a different character's absorption rather than rebuttal. This entire process happens in milliseconds, or it has no chance of happening at all.

Don't just sit here and posit such a scenario and then let that ordinary process of the mind suggest" oh yea I can see where that might work". Actively remember to turn the energy inside out upon next experiencing this type of event. If you have to, put this book down and don't read another word until you have taken the effort to heart and ACTUALLY done the deed. In other words this manuscript is not here for a cursory read, open to opinions of value, it is in fact REAL methods that produce REAL differences in a person's daily living process. Most highly talented actors, when asked in an interview, how are you able to put your own sense of self away when you are acting a scene so foreign to your very character, will respond with something along the following lines......"I become so completely immersed in my own invention of this opposing character's living process the  "Me" that walks & talks day in and day out simply vanishes, I then AM the opposing character for the duration of that scene.

This manuscript is about PERMANENTLY revising the YOU that has occupied most of your years on the planet to such an extent that EVERY future experience you have will become a conscious act where a completely different character has the chance to breathe through your newly invented sense of NOT YOU!

This process I speak of here, one of encouraging the ordinary you to vanish in favor of a more actively invented alternative character capable of real choice for the first time is a process of subtraction much like the process  of sculpting an artistic piece from previously unrecognizable hunk of clay or stone. Picture your everyday mentation as thoughts with no real direction, springing out of nowhere with no real direction or control. Does that about cover it? Do you really imagine you know with 100% certainty what you are fixing to say NEXT?

Re-Fabricating your own mentation process is akin to starting to sculpt an artistic rendering requiring conscious attention to skilled use of tools appropriate to the removal of nonessential material. This ACT, if you will, of  internally redirecting some negative energy coming your way is the epitome of conscious action. There are many methods to suggest in aiding this process but no method is worth a damn if it is not willfully executed with each and every waking breath.


Rick Moser

Born in Bethesda, MD in 1951 here is a person who never quite settled for the "normal" lifestyle. The idea of extraordinary living seemed inevitable and at an early age (21), as luck would have it, the opportunity to explore "extraordinary" living, via an understanding of REAL experience (as opposed to imagined book learning),found it's way to his own mentation. As with most efforts, persistence became the necessary effort once a real system of alternative consciousness became available. Forty two years later (NOW) these musings may server to give a few like minded internal travelers the opportunity to attempt a similar journey. For a few of you this may be your ONLY chance to escape the vagaries of your own Life produced sense of "self".

Vital Perceptions

Everything is happening, all at once....EVERYWHERE

To imagine you are missing anything is to ignore what is right before you

Everyday thinking is a true waste of your time & talent

Experience trumps opinions every time

Confusion of the mind is its normal state

Clarity of mind is only available if confusion is seen as necessary

Wandering attention simply reveals disinterest

To understand the meaning of Life you must first know how

to leave everyday thinking to the thoughtless

Real effort, regardless of the type, knows that persistence always wins

Efficiency is a function of interest/passion in whatever task is at hand

Living Life with no regrets implies a macro understanding

of the necessity for all action, regardless of apparent right or wrongs,

to manifest......all the time

Be prepared to consider the possibility of every event

that occurs in Life is essential regardless of apparent consequences

There is no such reality as "mistaken opportunity"......

only the salient fact of necessary ignorance

There are no excuses for anything

as long as desire for passionate action remains a persistent reality


Rick Moser

Born in Bethesda, MD in 1951 here is a person who never quite settled for the "normal" lifestyle. The idea of extraordinary living seemed inevitable and at an early age (21), as luck would have it, the opportunity to explore "extraordinary" living, via an understanding of REAL experience (as opposed to imagined book learning),found it's way to his own mentation. As with most efforts, persistence became the necessary effort once a real system of alternative consciousness became available. Forty two years later (NOW) these musings may server to give a few like minded internal travelers the opportunity to attempt a similar journey. For a few of you this may be your ONLY chance to escape the vagaries of your own Life produced sense of "self".

For Your Consideration

For Your "Consideration"


Rick Moser

A true quest of the inner workings of human existence finds it's way to three hungry persons. Their hunger emanating from the yearning to make sense of everyday reality with particular emphasis on the "how" instead of "why". Ted, a nuclear physicist, spends most of his adult career investigating the status of particles at the quantum level.  He is certain this investigation can explain the very smallest reflection of reality, thinking such discovery will satisfy his life long desire to express his very existence as well as prove to the scientific community his findings would revolutionize the scientific method. Sue, a psychologist, finds herself in a slight quandary. She has studied not only the latest in contemporary methods to rid her clients of bipolar and  schizophrenic behavior but has practiced for twenty years attempting to implement such knowledge, with less than stellar results. Joe, a farmer, is well versed on the workings of growing food yet he yearns to understand more of his own existence and how to modify and "grow" his own consciousness to produce a more cohesive understanding of all the Earth has to impart at the most basic level. He hopes to further understand genetic manipulation of seeds to prevent insect infestation in his crops and offer more variety in final production. These three individuals have no apparent connection to one another until one unique heavenly event unites them. For many years scientists have proclaimed the Earth might be in jeopardy if some rouge meteor finds it's way to our beautiful terrain unleashing a potential nuclear winter with virtual catastrophic results. Ted has written his expose with full intentions of bringing new discoveries to the entire scientific community at the annual convention of physicists, assured he will receive accolades and commendations from all. Sue is just going about her routine affairs and happens to be a few blocks from the convention center when the rouge meteor makes it's debut seven thousand miles to the South. Joe is in town to search for a new strain of genetically altered seed just recently discovered and put on the market for initial testing in the field.

All three people have no idea what's in store for them this seemingly ordinary day. Today all apparent normal interaction between strangers will forever take a back seat to such a catastrophic event. As Ted is about to take his position at the podium for his talk the news flash erupts in every media globally. Rogue Meteor hits Earth Somewhere South of The Falkland Islands. Initial estimates are that The Falklands no longer exist, areas to the immediate West near the southern tip of South America have also been obliterated. Due to the prevailing winds in the Southern Hemisphere most of the debris and thick cloud cover has initially affected an area of approximately one thousand square miles but as winds are expected to shift to the North we will see the far reaching results circumnavigate the globe within five days.

The audience at the Convention Center stare at their electronic devices looking for as much detail as possible on the event. Ted looks at his finely crafted paper, eager to announce his scientific findings concerning the nature of a new class of quantum data and realizes his audience will probably be "elsewhere" in their own apparent stupor and hear nothing of his life's work. Meanwhile Joe decides to stop at a coffee shop less than two blocks from the convention center just as Sue has ordered a Mocha Frappe, with one sugar, in the very same Mom & Pop eatery. As everyone in the restaurant is gleaning as much information as is available at the time from iPhones, iPads, laptop computers and a TV in the store Sue reaches over and asks Joe to borrow some more sugar packets for her coffee. Joe hands them to her and exclaims "to think I am finally on the path of discovery using the newest genetically modified seedlings to increase my crop production and suddenly realize....crops for what, for five days there will be no Sun to grow anything for at least five or ten years until the nuclear winter cloud cover subsides. Sue retorts, "I just read about a breakthrough in new methods of eliminating schizophrenic behavior in my clients, but this time next week it might be moot." Joe responds, "I wonder if it's all been for naught, maybe all my hard work on the farm is just a joke at my own expense?"

Sue mentions how she has been looking for the "method" of trying to pierce the knowledge base of psychological understanding enabling her to relieve her clients of useless suffering over bipolar and schizophrenic behavior. " Finally, the potential to connect with my patients to sever the ordinary frustration from multiple personalities and extreme emotional swings when the likelihood of survival is a major question for us all." Both Joe and Sue sit motionless for a few minutes, trying to make sense of their lives up until this very moment. Each of the two seem to be confronted simultaneously with choices never before considered. What actual meaning does their life have going forward? Up until this very day the possibility of vanishing from the planet seemed merely the prospect of science fiction novels and doomsday films. Now the potential of famine has re-kindled their desire to investigate what it all means and how to go forward with some semblance of living. Just then, after having watched his audience walk out of the convention center, a few at a time, Ted stops in the coffee shop and takes a seat between tables of Joe & Sue. Ted asks the waitress for a cup of coffee, black with one cream. Ted sips his coffee and catches the glance of both Sue & Joe as each is still sitting in disbelief of the latest news being reported over & over with all sorts of predictions of after effects from this rogue meteor strike in the South Atlantic. Ted casually mentions his breakthrough in the quantum discovery field and how he is wondering what real meaning his life has had up until now with the search for quantum particle involvement. Sue asks, "did your search take you to new internal discovery or was it just a fluke to uncover your latest findings?" Ted says, "I actually noticed a unique shift in my thinking process just days before my discovery." I found a new way to process my thoughts, instead of trying to piece together isolated mental constructs of facts I discovered a way to "consider", as opposed to mere thinking of things. This process of "considering" leaves the door open to simultaneous views in apparent opposing directions." Sue looked puzzled, as did Joe, and exclaimed, "how might one attempt to implement your method of "considering" in everyday encounters?" Joe chimed in with, "are you saying the ordinary Life produced way all of us think is insufficient to discover breakthroughs in our respective fields?" Ted retorted, "I am much more fond of my method of "considering" as a means to utilize a part of my brain that seems responsible for a sort of higher consciousness which leads to all sorts of neat discovery, heretofore inaccessible through ordinary thought." The three of them paused, no one speaking for a minute, as if to give this new process a chance to sink in. Joe said, "wow, "considering" instead of thinking of things, how weird." Sue followed up with," so what is keeping us all from employing your method of "considering" as a normal process of mentation?" Ted looked at Sue, then over at Joe, he bowed his head and put his hand to chin. "This is gonna sound really strange." Both Joe & Sue were on the edge of their seat with open ears. " I am going to tell you something that your ordinary consciousness will find disconcerting. Everything I have thought I knew up until now has been incorrect." Now both Sue & Joe are intrigued but most puzzled. "What do you mean incorrect, Sue blurted out?" Joe couldn't say a word but seemed slightly put off. Ted once again bowed his head in a repose reminiscent of a Zen Monk about to pray. This time his head stayed bowed, for a seemingly infinite period of time, until he slowly raised it and spoke,  "I must tell you there is a type of mentation unlike any I have ever experienced that has no allegiance to any part of the ordinary flow of Life produced thought. It is in fact more of this "considering" rather than ordinary thinking which enables my mentation to see things without putting my "internal hands", as it were, on the situation." Ordinary thoughts seem to always have strings attached that have a sour internal taste in my mouth, if that metaphor serves well here. I think about someone or something and that ordinary thought necessitates the use of a psychological "period" (finality) instead of a "comma" (to be further considered).

Joe can't stand it any longer and shouts, " wait a minute, are you trying to tell me every thought I've had up until now has been insignificant and unworthy based on your "incorrectness" description?" Just then Sue agrees with Joe and with heated emotion exclaims, "now you are putting me in a similar position as I do with my bipolar patients, this act of "considering" you talk of here, what is required to even access it?" Ted smiled with a grin from ear to ear and said," what is necessary for a person to adopt this act of "considering" becomes almost an act of subtraction rather than addition. If you can visualize how a sculptor sees his art in it's act of becoming (a method of subtraction by it's nature) you will catch a glimpse of what I am referring to by "considering" instead of thinking of things. Try this right now, picture in your mind an event in the past that brought you either much joy or pain such that your memory of same is crystal clear. Now attempt to "consider" the memory by removing any internal reference to the pain or joyful part. No doubt this is a substantial task requiring the use of a part of your mentation slightly to the right or left of "thinking" about it. By attempting to "consider" this memory start by trying to see what another third person observer might comment on it. Sort of let the various comments of this third person float in your mentation with no active conclusion. Then the better you get at it..... you become that third person, disinterested observer, and hold in abeyance this process, free from any final comment in either a positive/joyful or negative/painful result. This entire process happens in milliseconds at a time and can be almost completely disassociated from your ordinary process of thinking. Once again the three of them sit motionless without uttering another word. Ted takes another sip of coffee and slowly lowers his cup to the saucer. Joe can't stand the silence any longer and blurts out, "ok how does this process of "considering" enable me to access another portion of my mentation free from ordinary thought?" Sue also asks, " is this a process I can adopt on a permanent basis?" Ted laughs uproariously, "I only wish that was possible, based on my discovery of "considering" it's ALL I can do to access it several seconds at a time, and just remembering to actively pursue this method over a twenty four hour time frame  seems almost impossible with the thirty five or so years of ordinary thinking ingrained in my entire nervous system. By successfully "considering" any given event or memory you can free up the normal hard wired connections your Life produced genetic makeup keeps you tied to. This makes way for a new connection all together with minimal detriment to your ordinary thinking process. Each attempt to "consider", rather than merely think about something or someone, strengthens a new portion of your mentation and can become an internal sanctuary untouched by ordinary reality. When you can master this act of "considering" you simultaneously free up an ability to see Life in a new manner. A different meaning to all of Life is possible regardless of how damaged you might imagine your past experiences have left you."

Joe seemed in a state of shock with this revelation, he almost felt like getting up and quickly leaving this conversation, but something told him to sit for a bit and to "consider" this whole idea. Sue breathed an internal sigh of relief and for the first time, since the news of impending physical doom to the entire planet, a calm inside of her slowly manifested. She wondered if this process of "considering" might be a key to not only freeing herself from the ordinary confines of her mental confusion but possibly those of her patients as well.

Just then Ted started laughing with a voice he had never used before. Neither Sue nor Joe had a clue but started to laugh along with him. Every other person in the restaurant looked over in astonishment with a look of, what are these people doing, we are all about to die in a week or two and they are having the laugh of their life. Sue & Joe both quickly got quiet and a noticeable shift in appearance on their faces was quite evident. Both of them were attempting to "consider" this whole new act of "considering" as well as the implications of living for no more than weeks in light of the meteor strike. They each started to realize "Living" might well take on an entirely new meaning if they could remember to execute Ted's act of "considering" instead of ordinary thinking....even if only for a few more weeks.



Rick Moser

Born in Bethesda, MD in 1951 here is a person who never quite settled for the "normal" lifestyle. The idea of extraordinary living seemed inevitable and at an early age (21), as luck would have it, the opportunity to explore "extraordinary" living, via an understanding of REAL experience (as opposed to imagined book learning),found it's way to his own mentation. As with most efforts, persistence became the necessary effort once a real system of alternative consciousness became available. Forty two years later (NOW) these musings may server to give a few like minded internal travelers the opportunity to attempt a similar journey. For a few of you this may be your ONLY chance to escape the vagaries of your own Life produced sense of "self".

Stories of Curious Mentation

Curiosity is an essential feature of the human mind. It inspires creative understanding through direct experience. Reading words is often mistaken with the act of experience. These words can serve as either a casual venture for the individual reader or a special map to the core of understanding what direct experience reveals to any persons who need more than a casual read. The actual difference in such revelation is a casual reader takes no responsibility in ACTING on the words written on these pages, whereas someone who is overly curious refuses to accept anything less than an experience guided by words, but ultimately lacking in what a direct experience can deliver. Understanding anything requires attention of a kind no casual reader will sustain over the course of 2 or 300 pages. In most cases a reader is left to his or her own imagination to navigate these pages leaving open ended interpretation and NO ACTUALIZATION there from.

What you have before you are words specifically designed to harness a form of mental attention unknown to all but a miniscule group of humans on the planet. Before delving into specifics of how to replace "belief" with "understanding" , replace "opinions" with "indisputable evidence", turn "imagination" into "actual experience" let's take a moment to elucidate upon the basis for such action. All human beings move through a growth process (both physical and mental) basing their decisions, of one type or another, upon a foundation of mythical substance handed down from one generation to another. Mentation is not a static process but that has never prevented humanity from treating their own lives as if some particular "belief system" holds the key to prosperous living. In fact, Life has zero tolerance for anything other than dynamic processing, from the infinitely smallest particle to the cosmically mega expansivness of an entire, unknown universe. To the overly curious human, settling for outdated descriptions of static living systems is simply intolerable once he or she has uncovered a form of internal mentation non dependant on allegiance to previous unproven hand-me-downs, yielding lifeless, putrid, dying, thoughts. Thinking thoughts itself is rapidly verging upon extinction. In fact one's thoughts are no longer thinkable as more & more options are available due to massive apparent choices extant today. Thinking of anything is the lowest level of mentation available to the highest area of mental development, regardless if one's IQ is 75 or 180. If thinking is an outdated process for the human who refuses to accept such, what will take it's place, as humanity evolves over a few hundred more centuries. Let's just say for now independent conscious attention might be a suitable replacement for the urgent few who sense the need. And immediately, the common thought process in each of us screams....."but that is exactly me"......... And I assure you there is NO CHANCE you are even within a stone's throw of attaining such status. The foolish internal voices within all of us holler even louder, "but you don't understand me, I have studied in earnest all my adult life on how to access higher understanding"....and yet it is not so. The very purpose of ordinary teaching belies any chance of accessing any form of independent conscious attention. Regardless of who reads these words, be it a learned professional or a brick mason, you are employing some form of "hand-me-down", static mental process with no chance of evolution in your own lifetime. It isn't a criticism it is simply how the human brain processes apparent experience under the guise of thinking. No amount of thinking can ever approach a state of independent conscious attention. It is the very antithesis of same. Once again, no blame here, just a description of the limits of a naturally produced human. To access anything other than ordinary thinking processes requires, at the very least, the urgency of mega-curiosity for someone who refuses mediocrity in the realm of mentation. Here is the first test of whether or not your own mind will allow this type of enhanced evolution of conscious attention; After having read the aforementioned  text one action of your mind will be to completely disregard this entire thesis as nonsense. That is a sure sign you are operating EXACTLY as you were intended. You can pat yourself on the back and know you have easily dismissed such verbiage as the work of an insane person. Another possible direction, for those who deem an urgency of interest, is to realize these words are merely here to set the stage of mentation development, the likes of which are inaccessible at your current level of mental evolution. The first reaction is the safest and most certainly bound to keep your thinking process fully intact, or STATIC as you are intended. The description of another type of response is the seed of adventure to discovering what the term,  independent conscious attention actually means. It is a source of mentation that requires NO form of ordinary thought, in that, it has zero allegiance to some past mis-understood form of opinion or belief. For now, most who continue to read these words have a chance to disconnect a part of their consciousness from any history of decisions based upon the same ordinary thinking that has been the static direction (or perhaps misdirection) all their life. One very noticeable effect this manuscript has upon ordinary thinking is to carve out a sanctuary of conscious attention never before able to be accessed. Be ever so vigilant and protective of same. It can easily disappear from the lazy and complacent. Independent conscious attention is NOT natural. It will never be a natural evolution in your own lifetime. This type of mentation is the ONLY source of potential evolution of mind that will enable the hungry, overly curious person to access such processing. Processing information and experience, free from any form of criticism, either from your own past imagination or any other internal connections that belie it's effort. Urgency is a prime factor in attempting to push your own mentation process to such a place of independent conscious attention. It is the very motivation that is required to make the extreme effort at supplanting any old, obsolete thinking process. Without a sense of extraordinary urgency nothing will happen and your ordinary process of thought will continue uninhibited. Such an outcome is regarded by most as somewhat trivial. The ordinary voice in your brain will continue to rule the day and independent conscious attention hasn't a chance of survival. Another test for assessing your interest in this affair; If you are hesitant, even for a millisecond, to regard this manuscript as inspiring or potentially the most important assemblage of words you have ever are officially yielding to your ordinary thinking and further reading will do nothing for accessing a potentially new area of mentation, disallowing independent conscious attention to become your own, personal, expedited, mental evolution. If your ordinary voices confirm the insignificance of this entire foray then you once again can pat yourself on the back with certainty that you are still in charge and your static lifestyle will not falter.


As mentioned earlier, reading words is a process of our mind which requires zero responsibility of any further actualization. In effect, it could be compared to masturbation of thought. Nothing wrong with entertainment except for the few individuals who are certain the life they are currently pretending to live is less than nutritious or satisfying, to say the least. Let's try a little something to move away from ordinary thinking to a realm fertile with the potential for independent conscious attention.

As you attempt this task try to remember success is not measured in any form. The attempt itself IS the success. Failure is simply allowing ordinary reactive thought to continue, unabated, proving zero interest, and demonstrating WHO is in control of your supposed thinking process.

Take something from your habitual daily routine and attempt to shift it ever so slightly for a specified time. If you are prone to be the type of individual that is continually losing objects (keys, remote, tools, ....etc) on a daily or weekly basis, try the following: For only 7 days at 6PM each day, regardless of where you are or what you are doing, create a memory of awareness that includes a mental visualization of one object (different object each day) you routinely lose. Hold that visualization for 3 minutes and no more than same. If possible write down the name of that object (at the end of the 3 min) and keep it handy for later.

Do not try and over-think this task. Do not look for an explanation of it and definitely DO NOT let the voices in your head tell you the outcome of such a task before you even attempt it.

If you are an overly curious type who is already pleased with what you have read here so far, stop reading this manuscript until you have successfully completed this task. Those of you who are "just along for the read" on, put the book on the shelf, or donate it to someone with more curiosity than yourself.

By the way I'll bet those of you who denied ever being a victim of "losing objects" imagine you are off the hook for this task.....WRONG......for you I have an even easier task. Tell me right now (by writing it down) which voice spoke to             you of such superiority, in that, you are the type that is always in full control of all your "objects"? Was this voice taking into consideration your entire history of living, or merely enabling you to feel comfortable at having maximum control of your "stuff"? Are you satisfied with allowing such "voices" to run your life, as has always been the case up until now? Was that an example of the best "thinking" you have to offer?




Rick Moser

Born in Bethesda, MD in 1951 here is a person who never quite settled for the "normal" lifestyle. The idea of extraordinary living seemed inevitable and at an early age (21), as luck would have it, the opportunity to explore "extraordinary" living, via an understanding of REAL experience (as opposed to imagined book learning),found it's way to his own mentation. As with most efforts, persistence became the necessary effort once a real system of alternative consciousness became available. Forty two years later (NOW) these musings may server to give a few like minded internal travelers the opportunity to attempt a similar journey. For a few of you this may be your ONLY chance to escape the vagaries of your own Life produced sense of "self".