Stories of Curious Mentation

Curiosity is an essential feature of the human mind. It inspires creative understanding through direct experience. Reading words is often mistaken with the act of experience. These words can serve as either a casual venture for the individual reader or a special map to the core of understanding what direct experience reveals to any persons who need more than a casual read. The actual difference in such revelation is a casual reader takes no responsibility in ACTING on the words written on these pages, whereas someone who is overly curious refuses to accept anything less than an experience guided by words, but ultimately lacking in what a direct experience can deliver. Understanding anything requires attention of a kind no casual reader will sustain over the course of 2 or 300 pages. In most cases a reader is left to his or her own imagination to navigate these pages leaving open ended interpretation and NO ACTUALIZATION there from.

What you have before you are words specifically designed to harness a form of mental attention unknown to all but a miniscule group of humans on the planet. Before delving into specifics of how to replace "belief" with "understanding" , replace "opinions" with "indisputable evidence", turn "imagination" into "actual experience" let's take a moment to elucidate upon the basis for such action. All human beings move through a growth process (both physical and mental) basing their decisions, of one type or another, upon a foundation of mythical substance handed down from one generation to another. Mentation is not a static process but that has never prevented humanity from treating their own lives as if some particular "belief system" holds the key to prosperous living. In fact, Life has zero tolerance for anything other than dynamic processing, from the infinitely smallest particle to the cosmically mega expansivness of an entire, unknown universe. To the overly curious human, settling for outdated descriptions of static living systems is simply intolerable once he or she has uncovered a form of internal mentation non dependant on allegiance to previous unproven hand-me-downs, yielding lifeless, putrid, dying, thoughts. Thinking thoughts itself is rapidly verging upon extinction. In fact one's thoughts are no longer thinkable as more & more options are available due to massive apparent choices extant today. Thinking of anything is the lowest level of mentation available to the highest area of mental development, regardless if one's IQ is 75 or 180. If thinking is an outdated process for the human who refuses to accept such, what will take it's place, as humanity evolves over a few hundred more centuries. Let's just say for now independent conscious attention might be a suitable replacement for the urgent few who sense the need. And immediately, the common thought process in each of us screams....."but that is exactly me"......... And I assure you there is NO CHANCE you are even within a stone's throw of attaining such status. The foolish internal voices within all of us holler even louder, "but you don't understand me, I have studied in earnest all my adult life on how to access higher understanding"....and yet it is not so. The very purpose of ordinary teaching belies any chance of accessing any form of independent conscious attention. Regardless of who reads these words, be it a learned professional or a brick mason, you are employing some form of "hand-me-down", static mental process with no chance of evolution in your own lifetime. It isn't a criticism it is simply how the human brain processes apparent experience under the guise of thinking. No amount of thinking can ever approach a state of independent conscious attention. It is the very antithesis of same. Once again, no blame here, just a description of the limits of a naturally produced human. To access anything other than ordinary thinking processes requires, at the very least, the urgency of mega-curiosity for someone who refuses mediocrity in the realm of mentation. Here is the first test of whether or not your own mind will allow this type of enhanced evolution of conscious attention; After having read the aforementioned  text one action of your mind will be to completely disregard this entire thesis as nonsense. That is a sure sign you are operating EXACTLY as you were intended. You can pat yourself on the back and know you have easily dismissed such verbiage as the work of an insane person. Another possible direction, for those who deem an urgency of interest, is to realize these words are merely here to set the stage of mentation development, the likes of which are inaccessible at your current level of mental evolution. The first reaction is the safest and most certainly bound to keep your thinking process fully intact, or STATIC as you are intended. The description of another type of response is the seed of adventure to discovering what the term,  independent conscious attention actually means. It is a source of mentation that requires NO form of ordinary thought, in that, it has zero allegiance to some past mis-understood form of opinion or belief. For now, most who continue to read these words have a chance to disconnect a part of their consciousness from any history of decisions based upon the same ordinary thinking that has been the static direction (or perhaps misdirection) all their life. One very noticeable effect this manuscript has upon ordinary thinking is to carve out a sanctuary of conscious attention never before able to be accessed. Be ever so vigilant and protective of same. It can easily disappear from the lazy and complacent. Independent conscious attention is NOT natural. It will never be a natural evolution in your own lifetime. This type of mentation is the ONLY source of potential evolution of mind that will enable the hungry, overly curious person to access such processing. Processing information and experience, free from any form of criticism, either from your own past imagination or any other internal connections that belie it's effort. Urgency is a prime factor in attempting to push your own mentation process to such a place of independent conscious attention. It is the very motivation that is required to make the extreme effort at supplanting any old, obsolete thinking process. Without a sense of extraordinary urgency nothing will happen and your ordinary process of thought will continue uninhibited. Such an outcome is regarded by most as somewhat trivial. The ordinary voice in your brain will continue to rule the day and independent conscious attention hasn't a chance of survival. Another test for assessing your interest in this affair; If you are hesitant, even for a millisecond, to regard this manuscript as inspiring or potentially the most important assemblage of words you have ever are officially yielding to your ordinary thinking and further reading will do nothing for accessing a potentially new area of mentation, disallowing independent conscious attention to become your own, personal, expedited, mental evolution. If your ordinary voices confirm the insignificance of this entire foray then you once again can pat yourself on the back with certainty that you are still in charge and your static lifestyle will not falter.


As mentioned earlier, reading words is a process of our mind which requires zero responsibility of any further actualization. In effect, it could be compared to masturbation of thought. Nothing wrong with entertainment except for the few individuals who are certain the life they are currently pretending to live is less than nutritious or satisfying, to say the least. Let's try a little something to move away from ordinary thinking to a realm fertile with the potential for independent conscious attention.

As you attempt this task try to remember success is not measured in any form. The attempt itself IS the success. Failure is simply allowing ordinary reactive thought to continue, unabated, proving zero interest, and demonstrating WHO is in control of your supposed thinking process.

Take something from your habitual daily routine and attempt to shift it ever so slightly for a specified time. If you are prone to be the type of individual that is continually losing objects (keys, remote, tools, ....etc) on a daily or weekly basis, try the following: For only 7 days at 6PM each day, regardless of where you are or what you are doing, create a memory of awareness that includes a mental visualization of one object (different object each day) you routinely lose. Hold that visualization for 3 minutes and no more than same. If possible write down the name of that object (at the end of the 3 min) and keep it handy for later.

Do not try and over-think this task. Do not look for an explanation of it and definitely DO NOT let the voices in your head tell you the outcome of such a task before you even attempt it.

If you are an overly curious type who is already pleased with what you have read here so far, stop reading this manuscript until you have successfully completed this task. Those of you who are "just along for the read" on, put the book on the shelf, or donate it to someone with more curiosity than yourself.

By the way I'll bet those of you who denied ever being a victim of "losing objects" imagine you are off the hook for this task.....WRONG......for you I have an even easier task. Tell me right now (by writing it down) which voice spoke to             you of such superiority, in that, you are the type that is always in full control of all your "objects"? Was this voice taking into consideration your entire history of living, or merely enabling you to feel comfortable at having maximum control of your "stuff"? Are you satisfied with allowing such "voices" to run your life, as has always been the case up until now? Was that an example of the best "thinking" you have to offer?




Rick Moser

Born in Bethesda, MD in 1951 here is a person who never quite settled for the "normal" lifestyle. The idea of extraordinary living seemed inevitable and at an early age (21), as luck would have it, the opportunity to explore "extraordinary" living, via an understanding of REAL experience (as opposed to imagined book learning),found it's way to his own mentation. As with most efforts, persistence became the necessary effort once a real system of alternative consciousness became available. Forty two years later (NOW) these musings may server to give a few like minded internal travelers the opportunity to attempt a similar journey. For a few of you this may be your ONLY chance to escape the vagaries of your own Life produced sense of "self".