Vital Perceptions

Everything is happening, all at once....EVERYWHERE

To imagine you are missing anything is to ignore what is right before you

Everyday thinking is a true waste of your time & talent

Experience trumps opinions every time

Confusion of the mind is its normal state

Clarity of mind is only available if confusion is seen as necessary

Wandering attention simply reveals disinterest

To understand the meaning of Life you must first know how

to leave everyday thinking to the thoughtless

Real effort, regardless of the type, knows that persistence always wins

Efficiency is a function of interest/passion in whatever task is at hand

Living Life with no regrets implies a macro understanding

of the necessity for all action, regardless of apparent right or wrongs,

to manifest......all the time

Be prepared to consider the possibility of every event

that occurs in Life is essential regardless of apparent consequences

There is no such reality as "mistaken opportunity"......

only the salient fact of necessary ignorance

There are no excuses for anything

as long as desire for passionate action remains a persistent reality


Rick Moser

Born in Bethesda, MD in 1951 here is a person who never quite settled for the "normal" lifestyle. The idea of extraordinary living seemed inevitable and at an early age (21), as luck would have it, the opportunity to explore "extraordinary" living, via an understanding of REAL experience (as opposed to imagined book learning),found it's way to his own mentation. As with most efforts, persistence became the necessary effort once a real system of alternative consciousness became available. Forty two years later (NOW) these musings may server to give a few like minded internal travelers the opportunity to attempt a similar journey. For a few of you this may be your ONLY chance to escape the vagaries of your own Life produced sense of "self".