Conscious Meanderings

Meandering through a conscious forest of impressions brings a plethora of images that allow a level of pure thought to thrive. This activity of the brain is only possible when ordinary thinking takes a holiday and gives way to a combination of subtle chaos mixed with creative gestures of conscious thought. All humans have this potential once they see the benefit of finding a sanctuary of independent, connected mentation (via some extraordinary effort) owing no allegiance to routine living, and the everyday thinking a mind is so ready to accept as something it found on it's own. The how of such a potential is always the tricky part to reveal. Words are not the only method of describing this effort yet, as such, must attempt to point in a manner so the mind can, for the first time, gaze in a slightly oblique manner, towards an internal direction never before explored. Internal exploration is, in and of itself, almost impossible without some sort of realization which affirms the existence of an alternative platform of conscious thought. The mind allows itself to declare a semblance of free will in the pursuit of independent thought when in fact that option is merely a fantasy. To actualize any newly created conscious thought the sanctuary I speak of must exist apart from everyday random thinking. While religions, self help groups, infinitum, purport to offer access to such a level of thought, it is never achieved as long as the elements of doubt and frustration continue to haunt an individual's effort. Something must occur apart from the natural tendency to imagine one's brain can just conjure up this newly found sanctuary on it's own. This something is achieved through a newly acquired vista which requires effort of a type unknown to the everyday thought process. Here is a real world example which points toward accessing such an internal position: Write down on a piece of paper 5 activities which are something you are, not only unfamiliar with in theory, but frighten you to extremes, when postulating actual experience of same. Attempt to execute ONE of the 5 in real time over one week for a period of 1 hour each day. Preferably the activity which frightens your ordinary mentation the most. Do not actually attempt something which might bring physical harm due to lack of talent (like swallowing a sword), rather pick something which requires creative input from a place (internally) you are unsure of success. I could mention some real examples here, but in so doing, my suggestion would be stolen by your ordinary thinking process, leading to a stale experience of same. Try to pick activity which is just outside your current belief in a successful accomplishment. But not so far outside your potential realization that it would be looked at as impossible. After executing this task for one week find a suitable time to yourself, apart from your everyday busy schedule, and simply write down, in one short paragraph, a description of the actualization this task brought to your mind. Do not allow ANY critique of any sort, rather, describe as briefly as possible the activity and it's apparent outcome (successful or otherwise), remembering that the very attempt itself IS success.

Never again let your everyday mind recall any negative description of this experience, and if daydreams try to put their hands on such experience.......force the mind to ignore these attempts. The place in your mentation where this experience resides IS your sanctuary and as such never allow random thoughts to try and desecrate such experience. Extraordinary living is as accessible as your remembrance of said sanctuary. Real, extraordinary, internal exploration is not connected to any experience you found accidentally. Rather it is dependant upon newly created ventures outside your everyday purview.

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Rick Moser

Born in Bethesda, MD in 1951 here is a person who never quite settled for the "normal" lifestyle. The idea of extraordinary living seemed inevitable and at an early age (21), as luck would have it, the opportunity to explore "extraordinary" living, via an understanding of REAL experience (as opposed to imagined book learning),found it's way to his own mentation. As with most efforts, persistence became the necessary effort once a real system of alternative consciousness became available. Forty two years later (NOW) these musings may server to give a few like minded internal travelers the opportunity to attempt a similar journey. For a few of you this may be your ONLY chance to escape the vagaries of your own Life produced sense of "self".