Internal Spatial Oddessey

An Internal Spatial Odyssey


Rick Moser


Helen turned and spoke with a clarity as never before, demonstrating to the rest of us her internal journey had become an ongoing venture full of mystery, intrigue, and astonishing realizations. Seven of us took personal oaths amongst ourselves to "push the envelope" of internal investigation. We would pursue this journey so far as to uncover the very nature of pure existence, pertaining to conscious action with each and every breath. It is one thing to read about such exploration, quite another to actualize it for internal personal growth. We set ourselves the task to tap into an area of the brain's resources, heretofore unavailable to contemporary human consciousness. No small feat, I assure you, but one with inevitable results regardless of the toll it would take upon us all. Science has been baffled for eons attempting to map the areas of our mentation which hold the key to unlock a myriad of surprises, especially when it comes to solving the age old mystery of "what are you going to say next". We researched every potential avenue of mental investigation for over ten years, only to find nary a comment or explanation of this seemingly insignificant reality. This simple query is common to all humans who use language for expression of thought, as well as intimate contact amongst ourselves. Now with the most amazing look in her eyes, Helen began to point the rest of us toward a solution which none of us could have fathomed, on our own, over this ten year investigation. Both Jack & Dave spent several weeks attempting to find a group of folks who spent their entire lives pursuing this very discovery. On one occasion the two of them were invited to spend a few hours with some people, who instead of attempting to answer in words, pointed to an area of the brain responsible for uttering words with no apparent conscious effort at all. They mentioned something about a unique area of the brain which utilized a SPACE, of some kind, between thought and word expression, for some sort of willful control. It became a bit difficult to communicate with them though since no actual words were exchanged in the meeting.  Dave looked at Jack with this look of wow..."how does one person convey a concept to another without using words"?

Helen heard that conversation and looked at all of us with this grin of complete satisfaction. She said, with her eyes, and a slight movement of her head, in a manner resembling a bow.....uttering only these words "remember this SPACE within mentation.....just before words become vocalized..."  and she paused for several seconds before she spoke again....." the secret to "what am I going to say next" lies within that SPACE.......neither words nor thoughts will exist there"......

Sally chimed in along with Rick and asked, " what sort of action is needed to find this SPACE within mentation?" Helen once again cast her gaze upon all 6 of us with a look of amazement as she graciously replied...." to achieve true conscious action, when using words, regardless of the conversation at hand, this very real SPACE, in mentation, must be discovered on an individual basis. The most direct method of discovery involves an understanding of the difference between ordinary thought (unconscious verbalization) and that of true conscious action, using words which emanate from this SPACE, allowing only carefully chosen wording before expressing same." Dave & Jack both chuckled in a sort of affirmation of Helen's discourse. They had suspected something along similar descriptions from having read secret papers of specific groups of people attempting this very action that Helen seemed to be in command of now. Just then Tom walked in and began to ask more specific questions of Helen regarding this conscious action emanating from an indescribable SPACE located in the brain of all humans, a SPACE with no identifiable connection to ordinary thought and speech patterns.

Helen also began to chuckle as she moved her hands in a very specific motion, illustrating how this new concept of SPACE might breathe, as it were, within the confines of all of our individual brains. As Helen was moving her hands she began to softly utter the following sentence: " The function of language is communication of "essence" within our inner understanding. When our mouths merely mimic an unconscious statement, full of a plethora of emotions, opinions, disconnected thought, there is no possibility of knowing "what you will say next". The area of the brain which has a chance to express true conscious action must reside in a unique SPACE where no thoughts nor words can cohabitate without first being part of a higher effort at expression."

Tom looked more mystified than usual but continued to probe Helen's curious answer. " Is it possible to both employ conscious action and simultaneously retain any hostility in verbalization?" Helen didn't even have to use words for this answer, she merely looked at all of us and moved her head from left to right, in the most direct mode, with a look of gentle scolding. Tom seemed to get it but exclaimed, "Ok then, that clears one thing up, there is no such verbalization containing even the subtlest form of hostile expression that can ever emanate from this SPACE, hence ensuring no possibility of true conscious speech as long as the undertone of anger resides."

Helen's smile brightened up the entire area, we all found ourselves congregated in, such that none of us could help but follow suit and smiles erupted into playful laughter, of a kind only an innocent child is capable of.

Sally looked to Rick for some support as she began to query us all with more interest in Helen's experience which lead her to this astounding realization. "I have been searching for this SPACE all my life, how did you manage to discover and utilize same?

Jack took a shot and said, " one of the more exceptional experiences I had several years ago was when I happened upon several people who attempted to solve the question of what prayer (in all religions) was really about. One person, in the group of interested parties, mentioned the comparison between praying and quiet consideration of newly discovered concepts. Although praying seems to include some form of a deity, the quiet consideration (as opposed to raucous opinions) of newly discovered concepts, seems analogous without the necessity of a deity. The difference being, an individual considers the concept with neither the expectation of an immediate solution, nor the possibility for complete failure. Understanding this concept requires actual experience." Tom continued, " if we are able to access Helen's SPACE using the method of "consideration" rather than mere thinking of things, perhaps this is one way to find our own individual SPACE through a sort of internal sanctuary created expressly for this purpose."

Helen smiled once again but said nothing. Dave turned to Sally and asked her, "have you ever noticed the act of considering itself is free from any expected outcome either positive or negative?" Sally replied, " I first heard of that idea of "considering", as opposed to mere "thinking of" things, a few years ago when I read a short story titled "For Your Consideration" someone had entered in a fiction writer's contest. The writer mentioned the concept of creating an internal sanctuary of a kind which was independent of any allegiance to ordinary thoughts/opinions. Instead, this sanctuary seems connected to Helen's SPACE. I wonder if I might be able to take an internal shortcut to the SPACE using my newly created internal sanctuary?"

The entire area seemed charged with passionate energy as Helen's husband, Joseph,  walked in and said. " I see Helen has "spilled the beans", as it were, regarding her presentation of the newly discovered internal SPACE. All six of us started to laugh softly as Joseph also began to smile and said, "All I can say is after these many years of Helen's foray into the higher workings of the brain it is quite possible she has uncovered something even neuro- science has missed. Her SPACE has a unique quality of being, literally, undetectable due to the very nature of being without actual visible form. And yet, still a process within our brains to allow for pointing towards an immediate solution of the "what am I going to say Next" question."

Once again all six of us began to chuckle knowing full well what might be the NEXT vocalization.

"In order for true conscious action to be employed, as the human brain begins to speak words, this method of identifying, and executing speech, through the SPACE of consideration, (as opposed to ordinary thinking) is a truly viable means which, when mastered through persistent effort, can yield results beyond a person's wildest dreams."






Rick Moser

Born in Bethesda, MD in 1951 here is a person who never quite settled for the "normal" lifestyle. The idea of extraordinary living seemed inevitable and at an early age (21), as luck would have it, the opportunity to explore "extraordinary" living, via an understanding of REAL experience (as opposed to imagined book learning),found it's way to his own mentation. As with most efforts, persistence became the necessary effort once a real system of alternative consciousness became available. Forty two years later (NOW) these musings may server to give a few like minded internal travelers the opportunity to attempt a similar journey. For a few of you this may be your ONLY chance to escape the vagaries of your own Life produced sense of "self".