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From 2710
As seems the common replay of our type,
I first looked at the religions around me, but scant discussions with
their professional practitioners revealed they shared not my interest;
then I quickly discovered Philosophy, (which at first encounter appeared to be
the very mental-picture-mine for which I had been longing),
but with equal rapidity I found it to be merely a mental gymnasium
in which the game is based on the enjoyment of reflecting on the questions,
with hope for answers having been long ago relinquished,
and from the view of the participants — with very good reason,
but it was not due to the good reason of them understanding WHY
their search for answers to their essential questions had been abandoned,
for their collective conclusion is always a mumbling about,
‘certain problems perhaps being forever beyond the grasp of human intelligence.

Don’t you just adore it! the father bellowed; cup held high in mock tribute.

Jan Cox talk 0389 - summary by EHW

Jan Cox Talk 0389 - Summary by EHW
Kyroots read by KG and Rick M.
Two Talks by Group members DebH and Rick H
Task = How Far

Suggested Title:
The Continual Binary Split:"An Honorable Victory" or The "Buts.."

A continuation of Talk 0388. Begins with a string of Kyroots: including 1)... If you have to paint yourself Green, then you are not the Incredible Hulk. 2) ... just because you know what you are doing in general doesn't mean you know what you are doing in particular. 3) ...the by-products are the Products.

(Diagram of the Binary Split)

The Continual Binary Split As Not Simple: Jan's extended Talk of a Binary Split of alternatives, representing growth and non-growth in the City World of binary consciousness. An indication of the relativity of this Split: It is not simply a person making a proper evolutionary or a devolutionary move; it also represents a basis of radicalized viewpoints between the Indians and the Settlers; Indians believing that Settlers are ruining their neighborhood and vice versa. it would take an extended, 4D view of the continuing Consciousness of Time, to allow you any suspicion as to how any particular action or circumstance was going to play out in the long range view of evolutionary Life. (8:51) Some examples might appear obvious at the moment; that some people involved in some event/action are going to be crushed or that beautiful trees are going to be cut down for a parking lot, but this is never the whole view. It's not just down to the level of C & D, as the apparent two dancers. There are also "notions" imbedded in belief systems of all parties that appear to complicate judgements: For instance, throughout history, such notions as "Honorable Victories" suggest their opposites, the notion of "Dis-honorable Victories." ( I.e , winning by means not Kosher, acceptable or honorable in terms of the set standards of the groups in question.)

10:58 In The Revolution there is No Such Thing As Dis-Honorable Victory: In The City there is the idea of "Conscience" that is tied to simple manifestations of the Binary Split, as to whether some action or the other is going to be growth conducive to Life or otherwise. This attempt can be expressed religiously, culturally, racially, moralistically etc. This is the City effort to condemn what is not honorable: Victories and triumphs can be felt to be good or bad: (12:04 ) examples of people winning by cheating, athletic events where substances are taken to give an advantage, in warfare, people not honoring the Geneva Convention etc. Wired into humanity is this constant judgement call as to what are honorable vs dis-honorable possibilities. (12:58) IN THE REVOLUTION, however, once you get your nervous system "ignited," you no longer have such questions as to honorable vs dis-honorable victories. There is no such thing. You would be in the 4th dimension and "dis-honorable victory" would be an impossibility. An oxymoron.

There is a kind of Absolute Certainty based within this larger level of Understanding.

(15:45) Humanity progressing, Going Uphill: In ordinary consciousness you can't see this as you still do not have a continual awareness of Time as the Seamless Backdrop to Everything. If you did (have this awareness) there would be no question as to whether individual instant behavior and affairs in The City, are leading toward more or less conducive lines of Growth on the Binary Split. This would be a 4D view. But as humanity cannot yet operate here, in 4D, lower binary levels produce illusionary mental constructs of frontiers, contours and episodic thinking. (17:21) This is like a fractured clock. Every "tick" and every "tock" is a new episode. It's like a single frame in a piece of film-strip, being singled out to represent a whole film. In the City, this chopped up thinking and the attempt to make meanings of it result in billions of perceptions, all of which mean next to nothing.

A Continuing Cry Within Humanity That Men Are Too Violent: (20:29) People are forever concerned, century after century that our next generation, our children, will not live through this (violence.) Based on this Cry there is a continuing apparent confusion in Mankind, asking how humanity can tolerate and support seemingly senseless wars. This Cry represents the Big Sticky Junction in the Binary Split: (22:17) This is the basis of what Wars are: whether it's a war going on, outside in the larger complex of Life or inside, in the complex of the individual, both can be realized as the continual Binary Split in operation. (22:25) The Greek wars, WWI, WWII, etc.etc., indicate that the big binary split is always going on. It's how Life Grows. Yet it looks like insanity. It looks useless and dangerous to us all... (24:49) But it's not. It's no more dangerous than you deciding to have another cigarette or another martini or another piece of pizza. It is a choice demanding to be made.

Inside A Person Doing This Thing: (27:33) there is always a similar situation. And yet The True Revolutionary will understand that any Victory within the Work Directive is always Honorable. You will know "I am at that juncture." It is no longer a question or having to check with Jan, or your Rabbi or your Priest; you will know which choice or Line is conducive to Growth. (28:52) Taking the Line that takes Effort is always the "honorable" course.

(31:11) Kyroot tells the story of the Father and the kid: the "I don't ever, Ever, want to hear any of your personal problems." The nipper is rejoicing, astonished at the Teaching of a Life time, told in so few words.(32:16) Jan admonishes the still low level "problems" brought to him by his students. These little "problems" are not a True Battle ( which is the inevitability of struggling with Real Growth.) In the Bushes, you must see these small problems as wasteful. The little struggles are of no serious consequence as they are part of a built-in tension.

(31:07) In the City, people struggle against change. They are struggling, unbeknownst to them, against the inevitability of change, and thus are always disturbed. (34:07) That struggle, that impetus, can be seen as fertilizer, as part of the change itself. If you are trying to get your vehicle to go in another direction, however, if you are trying to make your vehicle fly ( as would a Revolutionist) then you cannot continue to waste your time in that which is irrelevant.

(35:50) At 4D level, your personal problems are this irrelevance. City people may see this continual "personal problem" thing as having to make constant decisions in Life. The idea of Paradise, might be conceived as a place where one will never have to make another decision. (40:48) In such a Paradise idea, there may be imagined that only people of a certain caliber will be allowed in, thus "my group" will not have to put up with a lower or "Evil" group. I will therefore not have to make decisions, I will just submit to the Right God. (42:28)

(44:35) When the would-be-Revolutionist reaches the point of making decisions for himself/herself, they will see that anything that takes effort, when you get outside the hold of 3D consciousness, will never be a dis-honorable victory. In 4D you cannot do anything that is not conducive to Growth. Examples of a couple involved in the Work, when seeming difficulties come up: it must be realized that Real Growth never harms anyone else. Events/situations can feel like the sensation of harm, as they involve the inevitable struggle for growth, but in reality they are not harmful. In a 3D relationship, in the beginning of a break-up, the dance has changed. The balance between the partners has shifted.(47:23) A molecular fact has occurred. One partner sees something conducive to growth and the other partner doesn't. To someone tied to City consciousness, they can feel the break-up as other than honorable. (50:01) From 4D point of view, however, no matter how it looks, what you do is never to hurt anyone. (54:12) Change is not possible without hurting someone. On one part of the binary split, someone gets energy while the other part is depleted of energy. (55:19) Every choice you make hurts someone. Growth hurts and someone has got to pay. If you are alive, you are hurting someone. You can't step aside from "the game" of this continual juncture point of the binary split. (58:54) Humanities Institutions, be they religious, governmental, constitution-making etc., arise out of man's desire that Someone else make choices for him that he/she feels uncertain to make independently; "morally correct" choices.

Institutions then devise the Moto,the schematic, the "song" that addresses the "Sorry state of Man." (1:00:29) The "Original Sin" is devised to show Man as weak, as lazy. Yet, his "gods" are inclined, mechanically, to peruse the "D" line in the binary split. They have been created on the basis that "poof" they were here, from outside the System, and you can't have gods outside the system. (1:03:42) These gods that show up in this "poof" manner can be found in back-stories of all the religious founders. They all point to The Sorry State of Man, and then they say BUT, there is hope; there is help, there is salvation. To the Revolutionist, however, outside the City Consciousness, this BUT is not an answer to anything. "BUT" is what always promises to be "The Answer." Whether it's religious, economic or political, etc., the "BUT" shows up to explain. Back to the Old Father giving advise to the kipper, (1:06) the child is given a 2nd lesson: " Do you Understand, you are never to say "BUT..." To your Father? All of these "BUTS" we use are preludes to taking the "D" line. A "BUT" therefore is not an honorable victory...

All attempts at explanation as to why a person takes the lesser of the 2 possibilities, is hedged with a "BUT." An honorable act requires no statement. You don't have to defend an honorable act.


The 3 questions of How Far? Jan asks us to ponder: 1) How Far do you think you are from being straight forward with THIS? 2) How Far do you think you are from being straight forward with Jan? 3) How Far do you think you are from being straight forward with YOU?

(1:17:00) sketches from two group members:

1) What's The Point? The film The Last Temptation used as example. Energies are exchanged, but you have to be able to Hear them. (By DebH.)

2) Molecular energy flow between people discussed. The Noise detected in electronic systems and the possibility of a correlation with the human brain system. (By RickH.)

0387 Jan Cox Talk - Summary by SD
1988-09-02 Duration = 62min
Kyroots to 6:23 read by RH and LB

Suggested title = CRUDE AS DIRT... A Metaphor?

Continuing thoughts from talk 386 on the metaphor of the endless beltway. One of the several Kyroots that introduce this talk ..."Everything that most people do is an excuse"

Tricked by the metaphor:
One of the mental traps that causes us to live in a state of constant excuses is that man in the CITY is obsessed with metaphorical comparisons. Man constantly searches for connections between the unconscious mind (that of the single person) and the art, architecture, culture ,etc.(that of the whole race). He is always trying to see how "in here" is like "out there". What he fails to see is that this is not "sort of like" or "kind of like" but that it is. One man's inner life is the external life of all men. There is no "living metaphor" because no metaphor is necessary. In THIS you must be able to understand that the history of all men is in the genes of each man. This thought is not clear to us because the CITY makes what should be obvious into the obscure and makes the obscure into the obvious. This is the tricky trick .... Nobody can see anything directly.

What's the point?
If you could actually see what IS, what would be the need for metaphor? This would put a stop to the constant analyzing of everything because there would be nothing to analyze. Things actually indicate what they are. We are blind to this because of the con game of life. And this con game like all con games, is crude. No matter how elaborate the presentation base level, it is still the same old crude con and beliefs like that, make you the most vulnerable ......" being mugged without a gun".

Nothing is like anything else:
Life is not "like a dance ".... Life is not "like a ball game ". Life IS a dance Life IS a ball game. Every mood, every dream, every piece of architecture is REAL LIFE, but in our attempt to explain we begin to use metaphors for everything. All of this is actually fueled by a genetic scheme that has always been there. Our brain is not engineered to register or hold this concept because there is a spilt in our awareness. We have a bifocal consciousness. To supersede this condition we must realize that nothing is LIKE anything else, because everything IS everything else.

[35:00)Division by two :
All of man's conceptions of life or himself are based in a division by two ... Man number 1 and Man number 2. All of Man number 1's interests are of his plans . "Where am I going?" "How will I get there?" Man number 1's path is that of the HIGHWAY. This outlook can come from his present circumstances or be stimulated by new interests.

Man number 2's interests are of his condition. "How am I doing?" "What am I thinking?" "What am I feeling?" This is the path of the VEHICLE . This outlook can come from the stimulation of life changes, health etc.

Both of these divisions can be actual people and their life outlook or different moods within one's self. In the CITY these are clean divisions and there is no overlapping. A true REVOLUTIONIST, however, must be able to merge these two. He must be able to see them as the same thing. He must do this because they are THE SAME THING. Simply put ...your plan is your condition and your condition is your plan.

[45:00] Let's flip on that:
Man sees everything divided into two. But, there is no such thing as a "one sided" coin. Heads and tails are the same coin. This is a continuation of the "I" and "not I" theme . Everything is seen as an alternative not an opposite to an alternative. We have to realize that the alternatives are the same thing.

[67:00] Task:
Neuralize which force dominates your interests .... Your plans or Your condition.

68:00 - End.

0383 Jan Cox Talk Summary by EW

Jan Cox Talk 0383 - Summary by EW
08/24/1988 76 minutes
Kyroots read 4:44

(Following Talk 382 with a sequential connection)

The first bottleneck of Excuse:
Starting with "Excuse" as the underpinning for a group member's continued use of alcohol and drugs, Jan goes deeper and reveals the systemic disorder of the human propensity to create "belief" in whatever he or she wants to do. Once the "belief" is set in place, the backhandedness of the stance continues: in this case, "Life is stressful, so I need substances." Such occupation with excuse for habit and pleasure do not allow for continued involvement in Jan's teaching.

Fear As The Second Bottleneck: (15:50)
Giving another example, from the group members, of the fear of flying in airplanes. Jan's travel to various cities involved this necessity and was met with fear among some who were to accompany him. The insight is given by Jan, that all humans harbor visceral fears of some sort or another. Such fear is primal and built-in per individual. In The would-be-Revolutionary, however, such inbuilt fears that interfere with what needs to be done, in both ordinary life and in the Work, must be understood for what they are and then let go. The person in question must "Press On" and fulfill the necessities required of him/her.

Anger As The Third Bottleneck: (30:30)
Only the Inferior get angry;
What could the Superior (FRIP) be angry at?

Anger is discussed as another "left-over" from the earlier spinal strata of the human nervous system. It is associated with feelings of powerlessness and inferiority. In my Fictitious Reasonably Insane Person, however, such reflexes must be understood and surpassed. This starts with the upper echelon in society being bred to control expressions of anger in public. Such is expected of them, while in lower classes, such controlled behavior would be seen to be exceptional.

The powerful Do not shout. (38:31)
Gradually, Life itself sets the bar and calls out to the Revolutionist who will grasp the necessity of new ranges of neural wiring. Jan's description of the F.R.I.P (Fictitious Reasonably Insane Person) reveals how the directive is set. Such people, although still active within City Consciousness, have begun to use the yellow circuit to benefit themselves. They have begun to grasp the bottlenecks of Excuse, Fear and Anger, at the very least, in the external expression of such, as being unprofitable to them personally. A true FRIP will not find himself/herself in lesser so-called "Situations" that are common among the lower strata of humanity.

Why no Scandals or Scoundrels among the Powerless? : (55:10)
Why is it, Jan asks us to ponder, that only the upper classes in society face scandals? What is it that Life is saying to us about the direction of the Yellow Circuit? When, perhaps, will a flea stop shouting at an elephant, to "get out of his way."

The Wrap up -
Only the powerless shout, Only the inferior get mad, The Powerless are never in scandals -> put it all together - What passes for an individual person's awareness of what they are....

Excursion: ( 1:11:24 )

Previously stated " why would anyone conscious do anything they did not want to do? -- " Ask yourself what a FRIP would no longer allow to happen?

Jan Cox Talk 3193 by CFish and Derek Ha

Jan Cox Talk 3193 - August 30, 2004

Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2019

Notes by Cfish/Derek Ha August 2019

Suggested Title: An Unruly Dog

Begin: Friday I promised a description of a symbolic Spartan but I will get around to it next time. And I promise you will either like it or it will make you scratch your head. But tonight I want to direct attention to your own consciousness.

Every description of consciousness smells fishy. In everyone there is a sensation that their consciousness is out of control in specific ways. They do not refer to it in those terms but maybe they refer to it as having complaints with themselves. And the specific complaints are apparently brought on by external forces. (ex. Curb your temper or lose your job)

Joseph Stalin, one of the most cruel men who ever lived, considered himself a quite jolly fellow. He loved opera and loved to sing along with opera while ordering the deaths of entire villages of men, women, and children. The point: People with horrible tempers must be told to bring their tempers under control from an external source.

It is only then that the internal voice of conscience (ex. the second prince) manifests itself and it is always, apparently, from an external source. It is as if each person identifies something about their consciousness, themselves, that must be triggered by an external source.

05:00 Maybe someone is called out on their temper (ex. Curb your temper or lose your job) and they apologize and maybe forget about it. The internal voice of conscience (second prince) doesn’t just spring into action.

Joseph Stalin after killing an entire village of folks never thought “my temper is out of control.” The voice of conscience (the second prince) is not self inspired. Ordinary people are not self inspired to change aspects of their consciousness.

Folks like us who adopt the idea that we are asleep and want to awaken, living in the dark and want to be enlightened, and seriously try to act on it, are the only people who try to change their consciousness.

And if you ever see it, it’s not about changing some characteristic (ex. curbing your temper), it is about changing consciousness in a very specific way. It is to bring consciousness under control. Ordinary people will never say that. You will never read it or hear it. Check with yourself. Could you have ever thought of that on your own? And you folks know I am not trying to make myself that much superior to you. I know this by looking at the history of humanity.

10:00 It is nothing personal about you. It is something about consciousness. Just ask yourself if you would have ever come up with the idea of “I am trying to bring consciousness under control?” - because the answer is no. It is not shyness, anger issues, etc.

A true mystic's (whatever that is) intention is not in changing some aspect of consciousness (shyness, anger issues) but it is to bring consciousness under his control. I am assuming you understand what I am saying at the moment. Every attempt/method/discipline that claims success in awakening a man comes down to the participant “bringing his consciousness under his control.” That's it. You could call that Nirvana, “being awake” , Enlightenment or anything else. You could just say constant control because if you have control, you have complete control.

The fishy part : We would all accept, trade in everything, if we could, right now, from now on, be in constant control of our own consciousness.

17:39 Shifting to a more agreeable metaphor (symbolism maybe) consider your consciousness as a pet dog. The pet dog/consciousness is unruly. He/consciousness can be distracted by a sound, a song, someone walking by. The unruly dog/consciousness is just gone. It’s distracted and being asleep is a valid metaphor. Staying with it, me talking, you listening, consciousness/talking part of the brain “are we picturing/thinking that the dog is going to train itself?”

20:00 So strike a thoughtful pose, stroke your beard -That thought is not just a little fishy - it Stinks. Your consciousness/talking part of the brain may try to stick with consciousness instead of the metaphor but you will miss it. I have spent fifty years looking at this. Maybe it’s a verbal trick.

Whatever I say, consciousness will miss it to some degree. It will know what I mean when I refer to consciousness - but then it is gone. But if I say picture consciousness as a pet dog - you can see consciousness chasing after stuff as unruly/out of control.

So the symbolism/metaphor is valid and not a deceitful trick. Maybe you are self remembering, etc. and you have been told that if you do it consistently you will achieve enlightenment and you accept that. And I not saying that’s not true.

[Examples - chanting OM, manadala, other mental exercises, monastic extremes and sacrifice]

25:00 But can you do it? Hell no, the dog of consciousness runs off whenever it wants to. Consciousness says the unruly dog is going to bring itself under control. But how is the unruly dog going to unruly itself/domesticate itself?

30:00 Note that this is better than a metaphor -- it is a symbol - symbolism -- because it stands for something that exists as well as standing for something else. An unruly dog - training itself - the thought is ridiculous, but THIS is not a trick.

end 34:14

Jan Cox Talk 0386 - Summary by EW & SD

0386 Jan Cox talk summary by EW and SD


Summary written 01/13/2019


The "Tricky-Trick" Of How Things Are Arranged:

Grasping fully that your job in THIS THING is not to correct, combat or destroy "The Old Guard" of the inner self; Rather, the needed direction lies not in the pop psychology of "Im ok you're ok," or, in the interminable belief of being flawed, but somewhere else entirely.

Picturing The Situation Within The Whole Spectrum Of The Human Life Span:

The childhood/adolescent/early-adulthood illusion, of "Going Somewhere" in Life's seeming expanse. The ideals run high. Life is fun. The grandeur of imagination runs toward seeing one's future self as highly accomplished, recognized and satisfied, regardless the role envisioned. Gradually a diminishing of the original dream state occurs, as Life's highway reveals its futilities. Lesser day-dreams come into play as we settle for the reality of what presents itself.

Picturing The Metaphor Of The Endless Highway Loop:

As humans age, it becomes apparent that Life is not "going anywhere." The situation is now felt for what it is: An endless beltway around The City of Line Level Consciousness. One begins to realize the unforeseen trap of "making a living" and "raising a family," or the "endless pressures of a chosen career track." Regardless the imagined "gains" of reputation, recognition, wealth or fame, the dissatisfaction sets in. Age brings "noises under the hood." Health concerns of "the vehicle" replace the preoccupation with earlier plans, dreams, expectations and intentions.

The Involvement Of The Self in "Necessary Irrelevance."

Over time, Life is so arranged to shift, almost seamlessly, a man's internal/external focus, from one preoccupation to the next. Caught on the periphery-highway-loop of The City consciousness, the interest goes from early stages of grandiose imaginings to a fallback interest in "maintaining the vehicle." The belief in this futile direction is seemingly hard-wired into the nervous system, and yet it is a trap for human consciousness. The belief that continues to drive the human mechanism is of a "Fix-It" type mentation.

A would-be Revolutionist must begin by recognizing the Necessity To Start in this ordinary human condition, by sensing that something is amiss, and then be able to discontinue with the highway's 3D loop. Seeing the Irrelevance of Everything, he/she must gradually grasp the ultimate Irrelevance of the Necessary trap and all that it presents. Fixing the vehicle is not the answer to life's seeming Problems, The "tricky-trick" is to Start somewhere and yet not get caught.

The Real Focus Should Be on Highway Design:

The Revolutionist must realize that his/her Work in This Thing, is not "fix-it" focus toward the vehicle, nor concern over Life's cleverly designed Highway loop trap. The sly awareness must be to discover a new piece of the highway. The correct focus must be in getting off the loop and onto the exit ramp to new wiring.

Metaphors Of The Endless Beltway Detailed:

The capacity to gradually recognize the Necessary/Irrelevance as preparation for insight into the human situation. Realizing that Jan cannot tell what Can't Be Told. A Revolutionist must internally labor to understand his individual position on the grid and its moment to moment movement. He/she must grasp that This Thing is too subtle for words. Pressing On must become the great Understanding and the deliberately-chosen (willful) Moto against our our seemingly nullified mortal situation on the 3D loop of City Consciousness.

Updated "Prescription" From Jan To The Would-Be-Revolutionist:

1) Abandon any interest in the Cause of Anything (whether inside the Self or outside)

2) Abandon any interest in the ILL of Anything ( whether inside the Self or outside)

By following this directive on the Highway of Life, by means of this "Prescription," the possibility arises of eventually discovering an area, an off-ramp, a corner of Consciousness, that Life does not allow. It is here that we see that things are not broken. No ordinary "traveler" is allowed at this juncture. Only a True Revolutionist has the propensity to find a glimpse of this "off-map" location. When it's beauty is revealed, "This Thing, "folds up" making a Mobius strip look crude,"

Willful Stalling Approach Revisited (from Talk 385:)

Grasping the purpose and perhaps prelude, of the Technique of deliberate Willful Stalling as an enhancement to The Prescription. Real Power detailed as to what it is Not. Ultimate Power in Work Direction, defined, in being able to "fuel" the vehicle (on your own) in order to "get around the corner " to an area of the wiring that you cannot now actualize, nor even yet conceive.

Final Words of Encouragement/Advisement From Jan:

"Don't forget. Take your best shot, IF, you've got a gun."

Jan Cox Talk 0385 - Summary by EW & SD

Jan Cox Talk 0385 - Summary by EW & SD
Suggested Title: Episodic vs Conclusive Change

Change in The City - Apparent Frontiers

Ordinary change as "hobby" or as more seemingly "conclusive," to the city dweller.

How seemingly "conclusive" changes become meaningless to the one
on the apparent " personal frontier of change " (such as permanent weight loss).

Why semi-"conclusive" City changes end up being "no big deal" to the one who has
accomplished the change.

A non-ending inconclusive string of statements continue in the mind of the
so-called "changed one" that do not match up to the original frontier of
expectations. The "pay-off" may not be as hoped for due to the illusionary
nature of the original "frontiers" and imaginations.

The false idea that a person has of being able to change a fragmented
" piece" of themselves. ( see diagram 179A)

179A grab.jpg

All city change as episodic instead of Real Conclusion.

City Consciousness believes that it is somehow terribly flawed

Illustration of a movie based on a tug boat carrying explosives that ignite
when exposed to water.

The illusion that man can throw away things he/she does not like about
themselves. ( like throwing the explosives overboard)

All people are designed to feel that they are lacking "something."
This idea or feeling of "lacking" turns into a desire to fix or throw away.
But the human cannot throw away or repair themselves as if they were
an automobile.

Life, for its own purposes has misdirected Man into this idea of the human flaw,
which keeps him constantly struggling.

The Revolutionist must see through this mis-guided "detour" map, and
stay focused on the Road of Life, without worry.

"Just Press On" must become the un-uttered Moto of the Revolutionist.

The Real Matter, is not the automobile, with its limited duration or its
noises under the hood, BUT, rather, it is a matter of Going Somewhere Else,
(another Destination in ones inner direction.)

A Technique for Going "Somewhere Else."

( see diagram 179B)
Human nervous system basically wired for two simple modes:
1) action. 2) thinking about action

These modes not sufficient for Real change.

The Revolutionist must apply a 3rd, (unknown in the city) response.
A process called "Willful Stalling."
Technique of pretending that no matter what happens, you Intended it to happen.

Result of using this technique implicates Real Change in the entire nervous system of the practitioner .

The "No whining" rule of dwelling on inconclusive statements such as:
How did this happen
Why did this happen
What does it mean

Willful Stalling Further Defined

Understanding that it is not ordinary "city stalling" which is based on fear of outcome, or ordinary desire to escape a situation.

Understanding that it is not ambivalence or the inability to act.

Understanding that it is not an attempt to delay or ignore.

Grasping that it is always a deliberate, willful refrain from taking the first two modes of ordinary human reaction to act or to think of acting.

Realizing the Technique as a willful interference with the ordinary, non-ending mental flow of non-conclusive statements/ possibilities that hi-Jack the nervous state of Man.

A form of Real deliberate Conclusion in terms of authentic Change to the nervous system of the practitioner.

Insight Into The so called "World of Human Ideas" along with their "Hope for a Gratifying Or Agreeable Change In The World.

City consciousness clings to the impossibility of original ideas being Preserved in the original form.

Illustration of the spelunking expedition that alters the cave.

Transference of original Source Ideas cannot continue unaltered.

Not a problem of communication, but of the Natural Flow of the Vibrancy of Life.

Why a Revolutionist must first Learn and then furnish his/her own Ideas of authentic Growth as evidenced in True un-episodic change within his own neural capacities.

Question: What is the Yellow Circuit actually doing in Man's Life ?

A wiring that is attempting to make the chaos of Life appear rational.

All so called educational systems/ fields of expertise/ PHD's are attempting to make Sense of the chaotic/unpredictable.

Any Real Idea that goes beyond the city consciousness threshold is inflammatory and causes fear.

A True Revolutionist invites these New Ideas and must remain Calm.

Consider the purpose of all human entertainment devices.

To Ponder: the definition of a comedian as, " a dominant mugger with a grin and no gun."

0382 Summary by EW & SD

Jan Cox Talk 0382
summary by EW & SD

Suggested title : Whining and a whole string of “Fuck  its”
or Whining and a whole string of FuckIts

limitations of F.R.I.P.

   In the "city " a fictitious reasonably insane man is limited by what he considers the full use of the yellow circuit. 

   There is the erroneous equating of education and intelligence . 

    Physical prowess (red circuit ) such as gymnastics , swimming etc. can be scored and graded in Olympic trials ... 9.8 , 9.7 . 

    Even artistic talent ( blue circuit ) can be rated . Music , painting can be recognized as great or mediocre .

   Yellow zone activity can not be so seen . There is no such physical grade for an Einstein .

[Intentions ]

   Why do people do things they do not intend ? 

    Why do people get pregnant ? Get arrested ? Say dumb things ? 

   And why is the excuse " Well , I didn't intent to " offered as the answer ? 

[Barriers to THIS ]

   You can not be involved in the continuous use of alcohol or drugs and be in this work . 

    You can not hold beliefs in anything from UFO's to talking to the dead and remain a part of THIS. 

    You can not depend on anything you have to go out and buy . 

     Fuck It ,  Fuck it , Fuck it .

    An indicator of such a need is the whining sound made at purchase . 

    Whining is the sound of humanity . 

  Caveat : It is not that one must not like or occasionally even do these things, but one must not NEED them. 

[Thoughts about denial ]

     For what would you be willing to die ? 

     Faith , creed, nationality ? 

    Would you feel differently if you were offered the deal that you could live if you only acted like a different faith,etc. ,rather than actually becoming a different faith ? 

     Real question :  What is the difference between acting and believing ? 

[How can there be 110%]

    110% is an impossible phrase that has come into being because of the 

   whining populous that settles for insufficient effort .

    Fuck It ! 

[Celebrating failure ]

   Whining ,dependency and insufficient effort have set the bar so low that we  now celebrate failure . 

    Even in something as straight forward as a reporter being expelled from an enemy country , we reframe it and present it as the expelling country 's fear of his journalistic prowess. 

    This is a typical indicator that Life always plays its own song and that everything in Life is self serving . 

[see diagram of spinal column and line level consciousness ]

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3192 - Consciousness is not under your control

Jan Cox Audio 3192 August 27 2004

Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2018

Notes by Cfish June 2018

Suggested Title: Precious Consciousness is not under your control

Begin: All ordinary men know that the thing most precious to them (their consciousness) is not under their control. Humans know and consciousness knows that consciousness is not under their control. Ordinary people do not talk about it.

05:00 Ordinary people do have an affection for their bodies. But even the most beautiful women and the most outstanding athletes want to be able to be appreciated for their mind, their inner person, their consciousness. The reality of “precious consciousness” is in the choice:

Had you rather lose your arm or lose your consciousness? Which would be the most important? That is how precious consciousness is. Your consciousness is “you.” Men know, Consciousness knows, the thing most precious to them, the thing that seemingly is them is not under their control.

10:00 Ordinary people seldom talk about how precious their consciousness is to them. Ordinary folks who do talk about it (precious consciousness) probably think they need a psychiatrist. It is just one of the rules of ordinary consciousness. (Not to talk about consciousness)

Humans go to great effort and expense to submit themselves to outside rules. (ex. religion, politics) They are submitting to rules in an effort to improve the quality of their consciousness. They are submitting themselves to something they believe is superior to themselves.

But why did consciousness invent all that stuff? Because consciousness knows it is not under it’s own control. Do you get it? Men know their consciousness is not under their control. They then turn to mechanisms of control. (ex. religion, philosophy, political systems)

15:00 Why do people profess a belief in these systems? When beset with the many laws of society (ex. speed limits etc.) why does someone want to passionately also be a Christian, a Muslim. or seek a Guru, or hear God calling. or any of the other ordinary descriptions?

20:00 It is because consciousness is not under your control. And humans know that consciousness is not under their control. And consciousness knows that consciousness is not under its control. I remind you after saying it a dozen times, here is a FACT: No one ever says that.

Exceptions are people who probably get referred to a psychiatrist or a straight jacket. I point to the questions “What are you going to think or say next?” No one knows. Does talk arise from what you think? If you say certainly, then tell me, what you are going to say next?

25:00 That is the reason that ordinary people look outside themselves for something to control their consciousness. (ex. scripture, political belief systems etc. ) Crudely put, the thing most precious, singular, closest, and reflective, in their brain, is not under their control.

30:00 Religious, Philosophical, and Political systems give the appearance of control over consciousness. But it is a grand illusion. Can you smell the two week old tuna in that? "I am now my own man because I am a Republican!" Extreme dedication can be seen in any belief systems and it can almost frighten you that those are the people running life.

And it’s normal. Consciousness has engaged in an activity (ex. I’m a Christian, Republican, Italian etc.) that gives the impression that their consciousness is under their control. Are they throwing it away? (not actually) Compared to people like us they are.

35:00 Check for yourself. Have you ever heard a sane person say “my consciousness” is not under my control. They may compensate for it with religions, clubs, etc. They may invent rules to live by. Illusions. But only folks like us (mystics maybe, but you know what I mean) try to actually bring consciousness under control. And maybe only one in 20,000 ever catch on to what they are doing.

That is what wanting to wake up/enlightenment is. Taking the mystery out makes it more fun, because then you become a cornered rat. Instead of dreaming of studying with some Tibetan Master, you are stuck in Chamblee, Ga. You are stuck in Consciousness. Your Consciousness is the corner. Your Consciousness is the rat

And there is no way out. And there is only one thing to be done - trying to bring consciousness under control.

44:00 End.

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Notes on Jan Cox Talk 3191 by Cfish

note: Talks above 3000 or so are generally not public simply because the audio is so hard to listen to - you might can get it if you ask, but not to share openly,

Jan Cox Talk 3191     August 25, 2004
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2018
Notes by Cfish May 2018

Suggested Title: After the Fact Awareness

Begin: Thinking back to early childhood (ex. six or seven years of age) can you get that feeling of being alive and maybe the carefree feeling of running out the door during the summer just to play?  And it’s not necessarily about the details.

The point is there was a time when you did not have the critical/fault finding voice of what is normally called a conscious conscience.  Remember one kingdom and two princes, with the first prince, authoritarian and the second prince represents this conscious conscience.
05: 00   Tonight something that you may find even more useful is the description that there may as well be two different consciousnesses and throughout history there has never been a plural for conscious. (ex. Consciousnesses) 

The two consciousnesses can appear at the same time. The authoritarian voice/first prince when asked by the host “can I pour you another drink?” usually prevails over the weaker and infrequent voice that may find fault with drinking too much.

10:00 Simply, if you look, the dominant/authoritarian voice is almost always without self criticism. Why did consciousness come up with the idea you have a conscience and that it’s discreet?  Why does man have a name for conscience? (ex. a mass murderer has no conscience)

Does conscience hold civilization together? The last few nights we have been looking at the perspective of the brain having two consciousnesses. A authoritarian voice that has no interest in “waking up” and a weaker voice that has the interest.  

15:00  Maybe someone noticed the infrequent/weaker voice ten thousand years ago. Ordinary people have a second prince/weaker voice that is almost entirely critical of the first prince/dominant voice. But something the second prince may be able to use is that there is something “not right” with that view.

We were once carefree and had no second voice. The ordinary may blame their parents, religion, or society for instilling guilt. It seems to fit but that is not it. It’s as though another voice started in your head and took away the carefree days. 

20:00  The weaker/infrequent voice did not screw up your outer life. It can still bitch but if you are ordinary you will still eat too much. The point: The voice mainly screws up your inner life. Mainly, people like us. The ordinary suffer over it, but not enough to do anything about it. 

25:00  Folks like us suffer so much we try to do something about it. Ordinary people, in essence, have the same two voices and live with it. It’s like the old story about Southern Baptists, it doesn’t stop the sinning - it just stops you from enjoying it.  

30:00  After a lifetime of observation,  there is no  adequate description of Awakening/Enlightenment. We have nothing to compare the descriptions of the two states to. So you can’t say if your description or my description is adequate.

I say we have two states. One is the weak/second prince and wants to awaken and the other one/dominant whose power is irrepressible and when it wants to take over, the weaker prince, the more awake consciousness, never gets a knock on the door.

35:00  The weaker prince never gets an advance warning that the conventional/mechanical consciousness is taking over. All there is is “after the fact awareness.” When the dominant/mechanical consciousness wants to take over it never asks for permission.

And maybe in five minutes or five hours the weaker consciousness/ the younger prince in a sense, takes over the kingdom again, momentarily, after the fact. (ex. I was asleep/distracted) The second prince being asleep for the last several hours is a highly useful description. But there is something “not right” about the description. And there is no way to know how substantial the description really is.

40:00  The working model of having two consciousnesses and that there is no such word as consciousnesses - well, doesn’t that make your head tingle? And is that someone’s idea of a sick joke? Life, The Universe,(?) but the universe has no sense of humor.

I’ve spent most of my life trying to understand what it is I’ve been doing. But there is no way to know.  If the description of having two consciousnesses is useful, maybe it pushes you up a notch. Maybe thinking you’ve seen something about what’s going on in your brain.   
END 49:53

JanCox Talk 2766 - Notes by Wrench Tuttle

summary in haiku JC 2766
by Wrench Tuttle

They say lost are we
Destroying nature itself
How life wants us, this

Some portion feeling
Of humanity always
Out of sync with it

Colorblind people
Cannot understand murders
Based on wrong color

Obvious it is
Natural tempo out of sync
What life wants is this

Only one creature
With no explanation kills
That should wake one up

And if you wake up
You can never understand
That people are this

At the heart of all
Metaphysical teachings
Natural tempo

The chosen few are
Those capable of seeing
The consciousness plan

Jan Cox Talk # 2765 - notes by Wrench Tuttle

2765 notes in Haiku by Wrench Tuttle

Like Fat in the Wind
summary in haiku JC 2765

Because of my weight
Because of my family
Because of my job

Because of because
Unhappily forever
Finding blame is food

Look what we have done
The past was more fulfilling
Better consciousness

People like us act
Disappointed with our state
As if mind can change

People cannot stand
To be upset, not know why
Suicide explained

Our complaint is not
With our state of consciousness
But with consciousness

Sticks in the machine
A noble and worthy goal
Fuck up consciousness

Notes on Jan Cox Talk 3190 by Cfish

Jan Cox Talk 3190   -  23 August 2004
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2018
Notes by Cfish April 2018

Suggested Title: One kingdom, Two Princes, Continued

Begin:  I thought of another way of putting, what I was talking about last time. It’s an allegory about a kingdom ruled by two princes who were born at the same time. One of the princes seems older and makes almost all the decisions. The second prince seems younger and doesn’t seem to do much.

The seemingly younger prince criticizes the seemingly older prince, who for the most part ignores the criticism. That is what I spent most of last Friday night’s talk trying to describe. This allegory, this shorter version, seems more substantial than the attempt at a straight and longer version.

For one reason, in the allegory, it is easier to highlight the juxtaposition of the two consciousnesses. Passing Interest: In one decent dictionary I have there is no plural for consciousness. And maybe that is all you need to know, “that man’s consciousness never allowed it to say consciousness in the plural.”

05:00  We have a kingdom with two princes (two consciousnesses) and although they were born at the same time, one seems older (the conventional/automatic consciousness) and seems to be the stage for ninety eight percent of your thoughts. It’s the first consciousness you remember.

And then you have the second prince/consciousness (though it clearly serves a crucial purpose) that seems younger, weaker, and shows up rarely. The first remembrance of the second prince/consciousness maybe when you hit your baby sister and felt bad/guilty.  It’s not the “bad boy” comment by parents.

10:00 Though the allegory may not seem scientific (two princes born at the exact same time) if you can get a feel for the allegory it’s a good description.  Maybe the second prince hid in a corner for the first year or two and never said a word. But in a year or two after the first prince can speak in coherent sentences, the second prince  consciousness shows up at the throne and makes a comment.

You can observe it in children. The first couple of years the older/conventional prince/consciousness has free rein. I’m not sure I can remember the first year of consciousness but I can feel what it is. Maybe a giggle, maybe life as one big adventure, stumbling, knocking stuff over, breaking stuff. 

And parents say “no, bad boy, bad girl.”  But a human child with two princes/consciousnesses, but only one of them speaking in his brain, then no amount of outside hectoring (ex. bad boy) has any effect for that year or so. Some parents worry if the child is ok. (ex. he keeps knocking stuff over)

15:00  Then one day the kid reaches for some food and stops and thats the day the child experiences what the parents call consciousness. It’s vague but I bring it up because that is the day the second prince/consciousness criticized the one normally in charge. (ex. first prince/consciousness)

It is not the end of the giggling, great adventure but it made the older/conventional/normally in charge consciousness/first prince stop for a moment. It’s never discussed. And even those who heard it and understood it, it is hard to hold. The second prince/consciousness does little more than criticize the first prince.

By the way you do not have three consciousnesses and you don’t have one consciousness. You have two. The first one is the constant talking, daydreaming, one hears in their head. It hears itself. From the ordinary view the first prince/consciousness replays scenes from the past, things that don’t ever matter.

20:00  And the first one takes up all the room available, almost all of the time.  And it tries to take up all the room available in folks like us. Under ordinary conditions, the second prince/consciousness, when it briefly takes over, it is infrequent, unless it’s frequently showing up to apologize for defending yourself for something you said.

The point being a man in apology mode is being as sincere as a man can be. In the country music sense a man in apology mode is pleading for his life. But it’s just for split seconds and then it is back to the conventional consciousness.

25:00  Having two consciousnesses is at the heart of people like us wanting to Awaken. And it is at the heart of ordinary people wanting to improve themselves. But under ordinary conditions, ordinary people don’t mind all that much if they succeed or not. Folks trying to Awaken take it seriously.

Every time you remember your aim (ex. one brain here and there are two of us) that is the second prince, the second consciousness talking and seeing the aim. First consciousness, the first prince, does not care if there are two consciousnesses and why should it? It literally runs roughshod over the second prince/consciousness. 

30:00  There are exceptions to everything in life. (ex. insanity, phobias) First consciousness/first prince is absolute. The second consciousness/prince is real and has different views. And it shows up for only moments and says its piece. But first consciousness/prince does not even bother to refute it.

That is what is known as power. Despots don’t argue. It is striking once you see and think about it this way. The second consciousness/prince almost does nothing - but offer criticism of first consciousness/first prince. And the first prince does not even respond.

35:00  That is the way consciousness operates. Maybe you are overweight and second consciousness comments  when reaching for an eclair “what about your diet?” but first consciousness does not respond. It may hesitate, like a child getting ready to stick his hand in the mashed potatoes, but it will still eat the eclair.

A better example concerns alcohol. Maybe a doctor saying you need to cut down on the drinking. The second consciousness hears it and agrees with it. But one of the reasons people drink is it will silence the voice of the second prince.

40:00 In people like us, it’s clear. Second prince/consciousness appears every time you think “I’m trying to wake up” etc. That is a distinct other consciousness. When I realized that, it meant more to me in a practical sense, up to that point, well, it is still a benchmark, that took decades, and it was useful.

If you can see the story of the two princes as being useful to you, and see that the story is about two distinct consciousnesses, and that anything to do with wanting to awaken - well that is the second prince/second consciousness. The first consciousness, the conventional consciousness, has no interest in awakening.

I looked for another word to describe the first consciousness, other than power. But I think you will know what I mean. There are two consciousnesses.  Not three, not one. One consciousness wants to awaken and the other one has almost all the authority and runs everyone’s ordinary life.

45:00  Ordinary people can’t put up with people talking about consciousness. In folks like us second consciousness is not so easily pushed around. But what if trying to “wake up” is just second consciousness’s excuse for something to do? (ex. the second prince saying, “listen, don’t just push me out of the way, I got something important to say.”)

I planned to never say that out loud.  But I have almost said it a dozen times. But second consciousness decided in private that I wouldn’t do it. Tonight I either changed my mind or I misspoke. Right?  To be continued.  

End 49:39



2784 Notes by Wrench Tuttle

2784 Notes Haiku by Wrench Tuttle
The situation is the situation

If self you think you
Then unsuccessful study
And worlds cheapest laugh

Consciousness raising
Attempt to make it stable
Practices of all

Never ending stream
Thought and thought and thought and thought
Mind, not stable thing

Mind is not a noun
One more part of the joke, is
Trying to awake

Mind is a verb, yes
Just try and imagine that
Better word - minding

Tendency to say
I think, as if there is I
Producing the thoughts

Better not to say
We are trying to wake up
Consider - make up

A clue for you all
Try creating consciousness
Better to say that

Try to be cured, but
There is no situation
Just situation