Jan Cox Talk # 2688 - Notes by Cfish

Audio of Jan Cox 25 May 2001, Talk # 2688
Copyright Jan Cox. Jan’s Legacy 2014
Notes by Cfish October 2014

Suggested Title:  Daydreams ( Cargo without a Ship )

Begin:  Not wanting anyone to feel left out or to be impressed with me (because I am not) I am assuming since you are still showing up, you receive benefit and pleasure from this information coming from outside yourself.  Because without any doubt I have enjoyed it as much or more than anyone. 

From experience there is nothing that comes as close as examining “whats going on” with you, nonphysically.  Last time, I was pointing out to anyone who cares to look, that in spite of the contrarians, men apply themselves to further restrictions.  (ex. leaving a political party to join an anarchist party)

I also pointed out (behaviorally) how a career criminal keeps going back to jail because he is seeking further restrictions.  A professional criminal avoids jail if they can.  If you call this stupid or ironic you are missing the point.  If you accept people want a regimented life, then the question becomes “what’s going on?”

05:00  I don’t know the answer and only the brains behind the reality knows.  I just keep scratching, trying to get to the bottom of it.  I look at the instinctive physical creatures.  The lion, for example lives by instinct.  It does not think about what it is doing.  The lion will  simply do it.

It walks in the same territory, it hunts in the same places, and the lion hangs out with other lions.  It is all pretty much habit.  The physical creatures (pack animals, social animals) do not have tax laws and traffic laws. If they see food across the street they will not wait for the traffic light to change to cross the street.

10:00  So “what is going on?”  It comes down to the head. (but its not the source)  The head is the only place that “seeking further restrictions” is manifested.  Your hormones cannot give direct messages on regimenting your life.  That is why I often bring up animals.

You can look at them and realize they live by habit.  Life thrives off habit.  (heartbeats, blood flow, etc. are regimented) And humans seek further restrictions, habits, and regimentation, on their behavior regardless of what the neurons say. (ex. the whole world saying it wants to be free.)

(By the way.  We do not know what makes sense.  Only the brains behind the reality know.  Does the universe make sense?  We do not know.)  So you keep digging and scratching, meditating, and asking “what is a further basis I may be able to see with “whats going on” with this seeking of further regimentation.

15:00  From one view, the mind is born without any structure.  (ex Blank slate- psychologically and mentally)   We have to learn what we know and think. Software so to speak.  We are born physically hardwired.  (ex. race, height, etc.)   The mind has no skeletal system.

It aids in survival and it seeks intelligence.  (ex. fire and the wheel)  To me that covers everything and it sounds good but nobody really knows.  But once the mind has some free time, it seeks structure.  It seeks out further restrictions, regimentation, and habit.

You can trace these further restrictions back to the mind and trace the mind back to the hormones.  Clubs, churches, girlfriends, etc. are all external restrictions which is what the mind is seeking internally.  The mind may say it is based on their interest.

20:00  And the more serious the interest - well, the mind will say that is why it is seeking the interest with the most restrictions.  I can bring up all these good points and “the mind” will say ‘but’.  The mind one ups me. But I still say the mind relentlessly seeks structure.

When I saw that - it came from a dark corner I did not know was there.  And it revealed another explanation for the meaningless and redundant daydreaming.  You can look at daydreams as psychological. “Why would I have them if they were not important?"

Daydreams such as missed birthdays, arrests, Uncle Charlie, getting fired from a job, and etc. is cargo and not the ship.  There is only the cargo but that’s another story.  I don’t care what the daydreams are about, “the mind” will never agree to them being irrelevant.

Just in case you think you may be missing something, our minds are plugged into the “great collective mind.”  And the mind will never agree that its specific content (daydreams) is irrelevant.  The mind can’t do that. Years ago I asked you folks to consider the mind as having a number of lumpy thoughts that go on and on. 

These lumpy thoughts that went on and on (uncle charlie, arrests, missed birthdays) - it struck me that they were the same ones over and over again.  And it struck me that they were all irrelevant and that I did not give a damn, I just wanted them to stop.

25:00  Just consider this:  Its the mind looking for structure.  And to take it further, it is possible that is where our whole feeling of having a personality comes from.  Its the conscious part of the brain looking for structure where it has none and never will.

That explains fanatics.  They insist God exists and they are ready to kill you over it.  “I” was an accidental byproduct (being kind of facetious) of the mind’s relentless search for stability.  It was as if “the mind” caught on that survival is a matter of habit.  (ex heart beating, breathing etc.)

The mind, being part of the body, picked up on the regimentation of heartbeats, but instead of heartbeats and breathing,  its daydreaming over and over. Even though the daydreams have become irrelevant, “the mind” will say they do matter or “I” would not remember them.

I say “the mind” is setting up its own habit so it can feel more comfortable.  Here “I” (the mind) am, out in a place that does not exist, floating in the air, and metaphorically, I am trying to build a Sistine Chapel on the foundation that floats somewhere above my eye level. And in mid air.

The body knows better.  It knows the body, including its insides, and the rest of the world are the same thing.  You don’t have one without the other.  The mind does not see this. The mind’s daydreams are a way to accidentally or incidentally say, I am somebody solid.

Of course anyone who has looked “in there”  knows, they become “in there.”  Using mystical terminology “being asleep or unenlightened” is nothing but the manifestation of the mind seeking regimentation.  Which it can’t find or has not found.