an intro from the 90's, maybe Paradigm

I found this in a random place and, not knowing what to do with it at the moment, and not willing to let go of it, I thought I would put it here.  We did some public presentations to random audiences - and this was written and presented by one of our group. The null characters are just that - not a thing.


Welcome to the place where sane, passably intelligent folk try to

communicate with a piece of you that, unless you've been around this,

hasn't been communicated with before; 'cause this is the one source of

food that can nourish a little, nascent nerve ending poking into your

neural future.


This, this©©what is this activity we have invited you to hear about? 

We've called it neuromorphics, new intelligence, personal evolution,

this kind of activity, this.  Whatever name we use, no matter how

impeccable our descriptions, we're this close to©©I hesitate to say

lying because that might imply that we're deliberately trying to

deceive, and that is far, far from it©©none©the©less we are this close

to inaccurating, if inaccurating was a word.


This activity is a verb; an ongoing process; this is alive and a most

tricky, slippery thing to try and shape it into a word; to try and

nounify this verb.


Yet being the sane, passably intelligent folk we are, we know that in

order to let people who might be interested in this nourishment discover

that this exists, this exists here, we have to say something.  And so I

will present you with not one, not two but two and a half ways to

consider what this might be.


First I want to introduce Mr. Nervous System diagram to those of you who

haven't met this map Jan Cox gave to us.  This is the base of the spine,

the spine itself and up here is the brain.  These are nerve endings

culminating at the Line of Consciousness.  (This line literally exists.) 

This line represents the level to which humanity collectively, and a

person individually has developed neurally; the upper level of man's

consciousness.  Just as you grow to a certain physical height, you

ordinarily grow to a certain neural height.  And up here is the escape

hatch, the little, loose wire we're trying to communicate with.


Back to what this is:  this is word maps, explosive verbal maps©©maps,

not destinations©©processes, not descriptions©©that you can use to

propel your energy, you, into other areas of your brain; not just above

that line, but all over into areas of understanding and knowing you've

never explored before.  Maps, incendiary devices you can use exploding

you into virgin neural territory.


Above the line is the land of This©©and if we have to give a

destination, that would be it, but it doesn't count since above the line

there are no boundaries; above the line is humanity's tomorrow possible

for some today.  


This is anyone and everyone involved in this, anyone actively engaged in

pushing their own neural development.


We encourage you to listen to these presentations multi©dimensionally. 

You just might have one of these little guys and if you do this dude or

dudette is hungry for this kind of food.  Listen.  You just might hear‘∞∞