Jan Cox Talk 3160 - notes by Cfish

Jan Cox Talk 3160  - June 12, 2004
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2016
Notes by Cfish November 2016

Suggested Title: Stockholm Syndrome

Begin:  Whenever mankind finds an unusual and interesting human behavior for a few weeks, enough to give it a name, (ex. Stockholm Syndrome) and as unusual as it seems at first, you can see the same thing going on in the conscious part of the brain.

The Stockholm Syndrome is a term that was coined in the last few decades by police and psychotherapists. It is when someone is kidnapped and begins to cooperate and identify wth their captors.  

But it can also happen when anyone is confined, held captive, cut off from everything they know.  ( ex.soldiers, in a foreign land) A few decades ago a  daughter of a billionaire publisher was kidnapped by radical, would be, revolutionists. 

Weeks went by without a ransom note. She was later caught on video, holding a carbine,  helping her kidnappers rob a bank. If you can, try to picture the conditions which she was subjected. 

Though she was not tortured, she was held captive, cutoff from everything she knew. Can you see and feel the reliance she would have started to feel on her kidnappers? She became a case history for the Stockholm Syndrome. 

05;00  Last time I pointed out how money lenders camouflage themselves as used car dealers. Then I pointed out how the conscious part of the brain/thoughts that flash  on the screen, resemble the money lenders.

Some of you immediately recognized what I was pointing to.  Can some of you see the conscious part of the brain/flashes on the screen is subject to a form of the Stockholm Syndrome. It has been kidnapped and identifies with it kidnappers/thoughts on the screen. 

10:00  It pretty much blows apart the belief that “the conscious part of the brain” is you. The revolutionists wanted to feed the poor. They did not subject the heiress to extreme torture but she became identified with her captors. The same thing is true if you are sentenced to prison.  Your only contacts are the guards and it is likely you will begin to see them as your parents or protectors.

15:00  If you look, the inner “you” is just flashes on the screen in the conscious part of the brain. The flashes on the screen of consciousness that you take as “you” do not originate in “you.” Consciousness is made to react. 

The non thinking part of the brain (the body - the cells) is a complete mechanism made to react. That is how the body stays alive. The conscious part of the brain is made to react in a positive way to the environment and the result is technology. 

20:00  But to people like us when the conscious part of the brain is not reacting to anything tangible/substantial/material (ex. someone calls you an idiot) folks like us call it being asleep. To everyone else, “being asleep” is irrelevant. 

I am glad the “struggle to awaken” teachings were around but I am still not sure that those who wrote/spoke about it really understood it. Basically “being asleep” is the conscious part of the brain reacting automatically to anything non tangible.

Material problems you are trying to solve are the exceptions. (technology, agriculture, etc.) On good nights when you folks react to something (non tangible) said here, I keep saying, don’t leave it at that. Keep looking.

25:00  I am not trying to discourage you, just trying to get you to see that non tangible things are a form of sleep.  I recommend you look at what I initially saw and thought. And that is “what I saw and thought was totally dependent on something outside of me.” 

On the surface that doesn’t sound negative. (ex. Technology, agriculture) But when the conscious part of the brain reacts to something said here on good nights, it is not the awakening, it can trigger something, but the payoff is not the trigger. Keep looking.

30:00  When I first saw “what I thought and saw was totally dependent on something outside me” I thought I have only had one or two actual thoughts my entire life. Where I’m pointing, blows apart “you” are having thoughts.

35:00  You are not having thoughts if everyone of them is a reaction to someone else’s thoughts. That is the heart of the Stockholm Syndrome. (Thoughts that appear in your head and you begin to identify with them.)

These thoughts, which are your kidnappers, have created what constitutes “you.” And realizing/ seeing/ feeling that these thoughts in me are just thoughts in the conscious part of the brain wakes you up a little.  
END 39:51