Jan Cox Talk 3162 -- notes by Cfish

Jan Cox Talk 3162  -  June 16, 2004 -
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2016
Notes by Cfish December 2016
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Suggested Title:  “Brain Speaking” is Not Me and No Where

Begin:  If you have tried to bring on the state I describe, by privately, in your head, say, when you catch yourself, “This is Brain speaking/that wasn’t me” versus this is “my brain speaking/that’s me talking.” 

And assuming you do it and are meant to succeed, what you get in one absolute flash, is that what is happening in your brain, this sensation of “you” thinking, is an “on demand phenomenon.”

Thoughts are triggered by something outside of you. (ex. President talking about war) Sound waves maybe, but they are translated into words, pictures, a sentence, that trigger a flash on the screen of consciousness.

The thought may trigger another thought, but there is nothing behind it, (it can’t be proven) but the thoughts seem substantial. The feelings seem substantial. But if you keep looking, the thoughts are clearly not substantial.

05:00  This all your life “inner you” that thinks, analyzes, the memories, the criticisms, the great insights into conspiracy theories, that you feel are some sort of great foundation, are just flashes on the screen of consciousness.

And nothing more. It is almost impossible to keep “brain speaking/that wasn’t me” in consciousness. One constantly “falls back” into the sensation “its me talking/thinking.” And no one analyzes where is this “me.” This “me” seems self evident. 

10:00  If you let the conscious part of the brain continue to think and talk as if its “me”, external events take on a significance they do not have. It takes away the inner potential to be more “awake/enlightened.”

15:00  There is no way to tell people/conscious part of the brain that heart warming concerns over world injustice is a waste of time. There is a vague awareness of this when someone obsesses/fixates over world injustices.

We of course are not talking about external events, triggered by instinct, (sick/hungry relative) that needs immediate attention.

20:00  Someone starting out to be individually conscious/waking up, the closest you can come to “you” thinking is to continually make themselves say in their head “this is brain speaking.”  Everything else, its not “you” thinking.  

If you want to “wake up” there is only one concern and that is your consciousness. Instinctive concerns for family/friends you can take some action. Everything else, (if you are trying to wake up) is a waste of time.

25:00  By privately saying in your head, when you catch yourself, and when the conscious part of the brain is speaking, saying “that was not me” because at the moment, you know, it wasn’t you.

The you that was saying “that was not me” is not the “you” that was thinking whatever you just thought. And I don’t care what the thought was. You folks have done it enough to know, what I am saying is not just theory. 

It takes more than one or two looks to see it. Then one day it strikes you that it is all irrelevant. There is only one thing in this universe that should be of interest to someone wanting to wake up.

And that is “what’s going on in the conscious part of the brain.” Because when you get that down, everything is solved.  You have a simple choice. Either at this moment be a “you” or be a dog chasing cars. 

The only “you” you can be is “brain here, brain speaking.” Compared to what was going on, (my brain is out of control) the conscious part of the brain focuses.

30:00  Every thought, every sentence, on the screen of consciousness, the conscious part of the brain chases it for a second. It goes arf, it barks (dog chasing cars) at one thought, or one sentence.

But if you catch it, “that wasn’t me/brain speaking” (there both the same) you get a split second of realization. The conscious part of the brain then feels like it is somewhere. It’s interesting, but maybe not important.

If you keep doing this, “brain speaking” everything settles down, stops, and it’s the closest thing to having a thought, having a view, to actually being a “you.” Except now the brain is not lying.

It’s saying “brain speaking/that wasn’t me.”  All the other times, the conscious part of the brain never does that. Not even as a baby when it first begins to talk.  When you see it, it is hard to get a good day’s snooze.