Notes on Jan Cox Talk 3159

Jan Cox Talk 3159  June 11, 2004
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2016
Notes by Cfish August 2016

Suggested Title:  Where the Real Hustle Happens.

Begin:  If humans wanted to awaken/ achieve enlightenment/ accomplish whatever This is, they would not need similes, allegories, or metaphors.  Simply pointing out to the mind “the way men are” would do it.

The history of the struggle to awaken/achieve enlightenment is written in metaphors.  And it is based on consciousness conceiving but not actually analyzing the automatic assumption that this knowledge is something you do not presently have.

05:00 This desire to awaken spurs us on. But if you look, the thinking and talking part of the brain,  unless it is thinking and talking about the physical world, where you can check it out (the fire is hot, the ice is cold) what the mind says cannot be relied on.

The ability to think and talk is the same talent that puts man into a dream. Maybe that is the humor of the situation, and that is why we have to think and talk in similes, metaphors, and allegories.

Last time I mentioned the momentary reality of the conscious part of the brain. And that the conscious part of the brain is the source of all speech. And when speech first started, the thinking and talking had no name, so it made up a name for itself. 

10:00  But the conscious part of the brain had to know it made up the words to call itself, (ex. spirit, soul, mind, I, ) So why did the conscious part of the brain do it?  There is only one reason. It takes man’s attention off the conscious part of the brain.

There seems to be a need for an example outside of us. When you first realize what I am talking about, it makes your brain smile. Why do you folks like catching on to this? Why does it have to be done like this? 

15:00  Pressing on, looking at the used car business and advertising.  Advertising, that appears to be from a used car dealer, is advertising how a customer needs and deserves a new car. And the only reason you don’t have a good used car is bad credit. 

But if you continue to look, it is obvious it is not a used car dealer, it is a finance company.  They may call themselves A1 Cars but they are still in the finance business and that is what they are selling.

20:00  Life is doing it and it is serving a purpose or it would have been a one shot deal. No one is really hurt. They make money and you get a used car.  But if you look, the conscious part of the brain is doing that to you constantly.

These thoughts constantly pop up in your head, one triggers another, but what the thoughts appear to be doing, (ex. trying to sell you a car) is not their purpose. Thoughts are in the finance business. (ex. distractions, distortions) 

25:00  You can’t say these thoughts are harming anyone. They do take up the whole screen of consciousness, visually and aurally, but it is a harmless fraud. But notice that it’s like a finance company dangling a car in front of you to sell you a loan. 

30:00 Tonights point, allegories aside, when the conscious part of the brain is not problem solving in the tangible/material world, the conscious part of the brain is hustling you. The conscious part of the brain is putting the shuck on me.