Notes on Jan Cox Talk 3163

Note: The audio of this tape is so bad that it is not likely to ever be made public, so enjoy th notes, and if you have to have more -- then write to us.

Jan Cox Talk 3163 - 21 June 2004  - 55 minutes
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2017
Notes by Cfish January 2017

Suggested Title: Eye Contact and One Trick Consciousness

Begin:  When everybody starts this activity (ex. some form of man is asleep and wants to awaken) they have a natural assumption (you can see, smell, and check it for yourself) that everyone in the group has a similar aim.

05:00  The cerebral cortex, the conscious part of the brain, surrounds the brain. Simply, what everyone calls “ you, I, my feelings, my brain, etc.” this one voice has one source and it’s  the conscious part of the brain.

“You” is not consciousness and “you” do not have thoughts. The conscious part of the brain does all that. Folks wishing to “wake up” if they apply themselves, may see the reality of that.

But it is damn near impossible to grab the reality of it The reality of it grabs itself. It comes down to realizing, all things intangible, go on in the cerebral cortex, not the soul, etc.

10:00  And the cerebral cortex, the conscious part of the brain, just runs. From the view, of folks like us, the mind is “out of control;” asleep, but to ordinary folks the mind runs just fine and that’s the attitude consciousness is born with.

15:00  As soon as you became conscious, the conscious part of the brain created “you.” The sensation of “you” is just there so created/made up, are just words for lack of better words. Putting a name on stuff gives you a place to start. 

The conscious part of the brain has never been outside the conscious part of the brain. There is nobody in the CPOB. If you keep saying this is “brain speaking” the reality of it will strike you. The brain knows it is brain speaking.

20:00  But what it does, unless you are making an extraordinary effort is run automatically and completely out of control (from our view) and it has no sensation of itself. There is nothing personally going on when it (CPOB) runs automatically.

25:00  Its the nature of the conscious part of the brain to run automatically.  The CPOB is like a frisky dog that chases something constantly. (ex. what it sees, hears, and reads)

The only other possibility for the CPOB is it can perform one trick. ( Problem solving of the tangible/physical world that requires abstracts and pictures is excluded) It (CPOB) can sit. 

30:00  A few folks are intrigued by the idea man is asleep and needs to awaken. The constant and automatic running of consciousness bothers you and that is what being asleep is. A few folks can make the CPOB sit. (like a dog)

And when consciousness (CPOB) sits it will look up at you (like any friendly dog). You can’t lose eye contact or consciousness is off running automatically again, like any frisky dog. 

Consciousness has one trick. It can sit. And what makes it fun is “you” are not doing it. Consciousness makes itself sit but it must keep eye contact. You are either making eye contact or you are asleep.

35:00  The natural part of consciousness does not want to do the one trick. I know, and some of you know the neurological experience of “waking up.”  The first experience is astounding, and the following are delightful.

But the experience is not the “one trick.”  The CPOB (conscious part of the brain) can do one other thing than be asleep (ordinary consciousness, the natural you)  and that is the one trick. It can sit.

40;00  The comment it is hard to get “my mind” to sit is in a sense the CPOB crying wolf. In saying “my mind” it has in a sense shifted the blame. It is curious. Maybe like a carnival’s house of mirrors. It keeps you disoriented.

45:00  Men initially found the voice in their head, (ex. Adam making up God, spirits to account for the voice) interesting and fascinating, but the one thing the voice in their head could not do naturally was a simple dog trick. (Sit)

50:00  And to keep from doing the one trick, it will pretend it is “you.” The ventriloquist (CPOB) becomes the dummy (you). We have no way of knowing what consciousness thinks about this made up “you.”

The CPOB does not run automatically when there is a real, tangible, physical problem that needs solving. Other than that, consciousness does not want to control itself. But it can and will sit as long as it watches itself.  

END 55:13