Notes on Jan Cox Talk 3164 by Cfish and DH

Jan Cox Talk 3164 - 23 June 2004  (50 minutes)
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2017
Notes by Cfish and DH February 2017
  ( voice is degraded - probably not public release)

Suggested Title:  The One Internal Illusion 

Begin: I guess I will talk about something, but I’ve told you folks everything a person needs to know. But its either this or we would all be going out and getting into trouble. (ex. watching TV, etc.)

Consider the connection between talk and consciousness. Can you have consciousness without talk? What purpose does talk serve?  And since we have talk and consciousness can we conceive consciousness without talk?

Consider humanity, collectively, could it have developed civilization and technology without talk?  Think how long it would take cave man consciousness to describe the wheel without talk. It would be tedious.

05:00  Talk makes civilization and technology easier. With talk you can ask questions and clarify descriptions. Consider looking at talk from the individual level. What is the purpose of talk. (discount the passing of knowledge)

10:00  Picture cave man consciousness, maybe living alone, hunting, fishing, what purpose would talk serve? This is just me talking, no scientific evidence to back me up, just saying its not just opinion. (not ordinary views)

15:00  Fast forward from cave man consciousness to consciousness now. The conscious part of the brain works day and night. But would we know that consciousness goes on while we are asleep at night if there was no talking part of consciousness?

Everyday life, you know the conscious part of the brain is operating because you can hear the talk in your head.  Imagine cave man consciousness, and you can’t talk, what is the brain doing? 

20:00  It is watching the environment and regulating/checking the internal organs. Same thing, at the very least, it does with all creatures that have anything resembling consciousness. So consider what does consciousness do today?

Technically the talking part of the brain’s yammering is monitoring the environment. It would be easy to say it’s the classic state of “being asleep/distracted.” Of course we are leaving out the comments on what it could be doing.

25:00  Picture driving down the highway, and seeing flashing lights and sirens. The non conscious part of the brain (regulation of internal organs) is already moving the feet towards the brakes before the talking part starts yammering like a trapped mouse in a box.

Picture cave man consciousness, a quick and brown flash in the bushes, (maybe a lion) the non conscious part of the brain reacts, (physical, and non verbal stimulation) before the talking part says that a lion could jump me.

30:00  The talking/conscious part of the brain keeps talking, while the non conscious begins to relax from the brown flash in the bushes. Maybe the caveman was picking berries ( instinct  cuts off hunger when physically threatened), but the mind keeps yammering on.  And once it gets started — it never seems to stop.

35:00  Consciousness is always working. Unless there is a bridge out, or a lion is about to jump you, the talking/conscious part of the brain (CPOB) is irrelevant. And it is almost impossible for the CPOB to see it.

Thoughts about others not being awake, suffering over thinking, worries over old insults (maybe an insult to your mother before she died), past fears, regrets, and “your mind” wants to work it all out, cleanse the mind - And the mind can not do any of that. And you can’t tell Consciousness that you can’t do those sorts of things, much less, that they are irrelevant.

40:00  But I keep telling you its not “your mind/my mind” Its the brain speaking. There is only one thing that will strip you of this “The Internal Illusion”. And you can’t describe it. I just got through trying. We don’t live in a world of illusions, we live with this One illusion and it is internal.

Everyone here, well,  it’s like you kind of look like the grill of an Edsel. Which is accidentally, a good symbolism for “my mind.” Edsel was an ugly, ill conceived, the manufacturer regretted he had ever designed it. And nobody wanted one.

There is only one way to see the one internal illusion. I once saw it piecemeal, and assume everyone would naturally. I am just trying to speed it up. Piecemeal insights into the one internal illusion can lead you to “this is the CPOB speaking.”

If you can hear that and then ,if you must hear something after that, its ok, and I can’t stop it. Wish I could. But once you can hear “this is CPOB speaking,” it takes the juice out of the one internal illusion. Because that is the illusion.  That there is something other than the CPOB ( Conscious part of the brain ) that is thinking, talking, caring , hoping.

45:00  Talking is primarily gossip. But it’s also the instinct forced to comment on the environment. It can go from the relevant to the irrelevant. (ex. man in Ad, Fred in a speedo, fat people in general, all people are stupid and ugly)..  You can figure out that that is a linear progression internally . . .
  But if you can see its (CPOB) speaking, you wouldn’t have to figure anything out.