Added notes on Jan Cox Talk 0110

There are more than 5 main branches of the talks that Jan gave and each I (derek) talk about here is based on the nature of the audience.  ANY division is illusory.

Before talk 138, Jan was talking to the people in the room and new people on both coasts.

At  138 we started video taping them

At some point a year later, he started talking on many levels at once; to a random audience on cable TV; the new people on the coasts and in the room and to the 'old group' in the room.  (Once you have heard all the tapes you might be able to see the symphony he is conducting)

And  and a year after that he limited his talks to 56 minutes at the request of the video editors.  He might talk longer, or put the Kyroots on a different tape if there were too many.  That material is only on the audio tapes.

In the 1200's Jan started a process of whittling it down and being a little more direct, much to the delight of many in the room.  By the 1400's the video camera is mostly off and Jan is getting down to brass tacks.  He is still nailing jello to the wall, but it appears to be doing more concisely rather than beating about the bushes to see what comes out.

So - lets take this division of five and look at talk 110.

The student is given a new term.  We go from Consider to Neuralize, adding an attempt at neutrality to the neural.  And then Jan launches into beating the bushes as he circles round and round what he talking about --> and it is up to the student to see what it is.  He is not talking about politics, not talking about B movies yet describing how each of these things must function within the context of external forces and internal habits --( as if there was a difference, (grin))

So enjoy Jan Cox Talk 0110, knowing that a live animus may coming charging out and devour , momentarily,  all that you thought you were.