notes on Jan Cox Talk 3165

Jan Cox Talk 3165  - June 25, 2004
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2017
Notes Cfish March 2017

Suggested Title: Picturing Consciousness without Talk

Begin: Picture/Consider what consciousness would be without talk. According to thinking and the dictionary they are two separate things. Imagine that you are conscious but that man has no speech.

Tonight, a few things that go on in life that no one notices and I have been talking about the last few weeks.  Man is the only species (just me talking, not a quote) whose leaders do not lead them directly into battle.

Every other social creature,  rather herds or packs (ex wolves)  when protecting territory or hunting are lead physically by the alpha male/female.  Solitary creatures hunt alone. Human leaders make announcements and point.

05:00  So just pointing it out, why is humanity so different?  It is easy to see the alpha male, in a political tyrant that may kill, rob, and murder his way to the top. It can even be seen in watered down versions in so-called democracies.

Man is the only social creature, who lives like a herd, that the leader does not physically lead the country into war.  Every other creature the alpha male/female physically leads. That is why the others defer to him/her.

10:00  Consider an alien visitor from another planet, that could communicate with humanity, and it was humanity’s job to point out the important stuff that is exemplary of humanity. 

You could take him on an aerial view of the important institutions/buildings. For example the Capitol (politics), the Vatican (religious), Wall Street (wealth) and the Pentagon (military) but all he sees when he looks are humans talking.

15:00  So what makes “you” you? What is going on in your head?  Your consciousness does not hesitate to describe feelings and thoughts. But it all comes from the talking/conscious part of the brain. Some call it their personality.

20:00  If you look at “what’s going on” in the conscious/talking part of the brain, which you can only do after the fact, it (CPOB) becomes the looker and whatever it (CPOB) was doing stops.

A split second ago the brain was bitching about how stupid humans are, but if you can hold “this is the brain speaking” you are no longer aggressive in the purely human sense. You no longer have second reality ambitions. (ex. rich and famous) 

Man’s normal state of consciousness, your natural state has been putting out the same thoughts, pictures, fears and annoyance since you were fifteen years old. And when you realize this; (not trying to talk you into it)

25:00  It is the same story and the same whine. If you try the approach (Brain speaking), I don’t know of one closer to the bone of all this. It is stripped of the metaphysical and superfluous. 

In essence, what’s going on in your head, “you” is the CPOB running automatically. And it is quite sufficient (automatic running). You can do your job, be a good husband and wife, or a soldier or a stockbroker.

When you can see the CPOB (conscious part of brain) speaking it changes everything. You can no longer get as upset/annoyed for any length of time, by other people’s stupidity.

When you have the full realization of what consciousness is in everybody, the juices of annoyance/other peoples stupidity is gone. If you are not making supernatural effort, constantly, the CPOB just goes back to its normal state.

30:00  When “you” (probably shouldn’t say “you”) become aware of lapsing back into the ordinary, automatic, yammering of the CPOB, and you catch it after the fact, and say CPOB speaking, the yammering is different.

It is easy to fall back into the mechanical/ordinary state. It just takes another comment from another ordinary/ mechanical CPOB (conscious part of the brain) comment. (ex. something political)

These ordinary/mechanical whining, yammering commentaries trick your consciousness. Saying “CPOB speaking” (internally) after the fact, after the awareness of the whining commentary,  helps to bring you back to consciousness.

It changes the way you look at everyone else.  It is as though you are surrounded by zombies, ( you come up with a better term ), but you can no longer hold them responsible for what they say. You can’t. It is not a theory.  You might slip back to habitual whining, but there is no power behind it.  And hearing yourself sound like a sloth speaking helps to bring you back.

 The downside, maybe a serious illness, surgery, and you look up at the surgeon and he says “Don’t you worry.”