Jan Cox Talk 2891 - Notes by Cfish

Jan Cox Talk 2891 - Sept 16, 2002 - (17:26)
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2017
Notes by Fish April 2017 

Suggested Title: Life - Scrambled or the Omlette Itself

Begin:  For anything in life to make sense, you have to make comparisons. To even talk you must be cutting up reality, by making comparisons. The comparisons, intentional or unintentional, makes no difference.

One word has to be capable of making comparisons to a second word or nothing makes sense. It is the way we communicate. It is the way symbols work. The word ‘chair’ for example makes a picture.

Cutting up life is the only way talk works. At any rate, there is another way all this strikes me. It goes in a completely opposite direction of how scrambled life is. Specifically, a guy talking about his Mom’s dying wish.

05:00  Picture this guy considering his Mom’s dying wish to be buried by her husband. It is kind of nice, it is going to be costly, (he may be buried in another country) but it is kind of silly.

It is kind of silly because when you are dead, you don’t know where you are buried. The ordinary mind may say you are wrong because her spirit will know. But you will never understand anything if you consider the supernatural.

And it has nothing to do with rather the supernatural (ex. life after death) is true or false.  Nobody knows if there is life after death. There is no evidence of life after death. And no one can stop you from believing it if you want to.

The point is if “your mind” is satisfied to operate with the belief in the supernatural (ex. God, Life after Death etc.) you won’t be any worse off, and you are not crazy, and you are not dumb.  And you deserve no criticism.

But the danger in accepting the belief, and operating with the belief, (ex. life after death) is that you will never understand or see anything. Assuming you folks are following this, you may go with your Mom’s wishes.

But you would question to yourself, that its kind of silly and strange to go to all the expense and effort, to go with your Mom’s wishes because “my mom will never know.”

10:00 So “whats going on?” Back to the point of how scrambled life is, there is a reality to moving those bones, but by any reasonable view, there is no intellectual point to doing it. Not that its wrong to do it.

Were not here to criticize the act, but from any reasonable view its a useless act. (ex. You are moving a pile of bones from one location to another.) I’m not criticizing, just looking.

15:00 It is one of those things in life that is mish mash. So why does life have the human mind doing that, when there is no evidence to support the reason to do it. That is somewhat disingenuous of me to say Life has the human mind doing such and such.  There is another quite glaring and startling possibility.  That being the possibility that Life is not doing something TO man’s mind…..

( Ed. note - Jan stops here based upon the active response he got from the above sentence.