Jan Cox Talk 3167 - Notes by Cfish

Jan Cox Talk 3167 - 30 June 2004
Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2017
Notes by Cfish June 2017

Suggested Title: Just Consciousness (Just Being Conscious)

Begin:  News flash: “Consciousness will do almost anything to keep from staying at home.”  If you pursue that, off on your own, something will hit you.  Side note: Without the cortex we could not talk. But it’s not distinct from the human mind.

05:00  Consider someone on a routine visit to a doctor being diagnosed with cancer, though he is symptom free. The doctor had a routine X-ray performed and was able to see the disease before the individual was aware of it.

Now consider the route modern medicine had to take to be able to see something that an individual consciousness was not aware of. Imagine the route the Xray machine had to take to see the cancer that saved your life.

10:00  Human consciousness, inseparable from the human body, and maybe more than a few cells at the cellular level, knew you were sick when the individual consciousness did not. Human consciousness saved your life. 

It is delightful to see. Human consciousness figured it out before individual consciousness did. Reasonably, it shouldn’t happen that way. Consciousness knows something that it does not know.

Consciousness had to go around in a circle, maybe it took a hundred years to make the X-rays work, but there you are not knowing you are sick directly, but indirectly human consciousness thru the X-rays discover the tumor.

15:00 Going back to the headline “ Consciousness will do almost anything to keep from staying at home by itself.” Let’s say you are sitting in the doctor’s office alone, expecting bad news and running thru all kinds of “bad news scenarios.” 

Maybe you remember your aim (ex. self remember) to be “more conscious,” but the mind is still caught up with things that are not the aim. I suggest instead of the term, being “more conscious,” it is, “You are, or you are not, conscious.”

20:00  You have to be conscious to know the other state is not conscious. So at this moment, you have to be aware, that the only thing in you is “consciousness.” Consciousness of the brain is not spooky, and its not metaphysical.

Consciousness, if you notice, anytime you want to notice, spends most of its time, (Jan pauses here longer than normal) “not knowing what to do.”  Picture being at the doctor, after reading an article about symptoms of a terminal illness.

25:00  Thinking that you have the symptoms described, what has consciousness been doing since reading the article, besides saying to itself “I may be dying?” Consciousness has spent all of its time “not knowing what to do.”

The only time it is free of the feeling (not knowing what to do) is when it is trying to solve a physical based problem, where there maybe some success. It’s a variation of the topic “man is constantly trying to fix stuff.”

So when consciousness reads about symptoms of a life threatening disease that matches their own, consciousness cannot do a thing about it. Except maybe call the doctor, but personally it doesn’t know what to do.

30:00  Consciousness is not loaded with first hand knowledge. (ex. tv news, wars, taxes, etc that are threats to health and wealth.) But how many of these threats do you know about thru direct experience?

35:00  Constant and indirect threats, that are only known to consciousness, (thru the news/media) and individual consciousness doesn’t have any idea what to do about it.  And how does consciousness handle it?

By never staying alone. Consciousness immediately looks for outside stimuli to put itself back to what mystics call being asleep. I say it looks for outside stimuli to keep it from being “conscious.”

So, do you know why you seldom see folks in a doctor’s office by themselves?  (last few years I’ve had some experience with this) Companionship is not it. It’s because they need someone to talk to.

40:00   The talking part of consciousness, the part that makes us human does not want to be alone, which I say is the true “being awake.”  Forget the extraordinary, enjoyable, enlightened experience that sometime come and go.

“Being Awake” is the conscious part of the brain stopped/naked, in the sense, “its just itself.” “Just Consciousness” by nature, is what consciousness does not want. (my term: does not want) It’s naturally repelled by “just consciousness.” 

45:00 Look and see. Will the talking part of the brain not do anything except be “just conscious?” To see that is to see everything. Then you understand every fucking thing you have ever thought about.

Consciousness totally submerges itself in other people’s thoughts. Consciousness has memories and it cannot be pushed into a corner and suddenly be “just conscious.”  That is the way I think about it nowadays.  

Just being conscious is being awake. When you see it, there is nothing else to call it. You are either conscious (which is consciousness) or you are not. If you are not conscious, you can’t know it.

50:00  If someone asks “what were you thinking” and the answer is anything but “I have no idea” they are asleep. The only way to know what you’re thinking is to be conscious. And if you are conscious, you are not thinking.  1:00:35