3192 - Consciousness is not under your control

Jan Cox Audio 3192 August 27 2004

Copyright Jan Cox, Jan’s Legacy 2018

Notes by Cfish June 2018

Suggested Title: Precious Consciousness is not under your control

Begin: All ordinary men know that the thing most precious to them (their consciousness) is not under their control. Humans know and consciousness knows that consciousness is not under their control. Ordinary people do not talk about it.

05:00 Ordinary people do have an affection for their bodies. But even the most beautiful women and the most outstanding athletes want to be able to be appreciated for their mind, their inner person, their consciousness. The reality of “precious consciousness” is in the choice:

Had you rather lose your arm or lose your consciousness? Which would be the most important? That is how precious consciousness is. Your consciousness is “you.” Men know, Consciousness knows, the thing most precious to them, the thing that seemingly is them is not under their control.

10:00 Ordinary people seldom talk about how precious their consciousness is to them. Ordinary folks who do talk about it (precious consciousness) probably think they need a psychiatrist. It is just one of the rules of ordinary consciousness. (Not to talk about consciousness)

Humans go to great effort and expense to submit themselves to outside rules. (ex. religion, politics) They are submitting to rules in an effort to improve the quality of their consciousness. They are submitting themselves to something they believe is superior to themselves.

But why did consciousness invent all that stuff? Because consciousness knows it is not under it’s own control. Do you get it? Men know their consciousness is not under their control. They then turn to mechanisms of control. (ex. religion, philosophy, political systems)

15:00 Why do people profess a belief in these systems? When beset with the many laws of society (ex. speed limits etc.) why does someone want to passionately also be a Christian, a Muslim. or seek a Guru, or hear God calling. or any of the other ordinary descriptions?

20:00 It is because consciousness is not under your control. And humans know that consciousness is not under their control. And consciousness knows that consciousness is not under its control. I remind you after saying it a dozen times, here is a FACT: No one ever says that.

Exceptions are people who probably get referred to a psychiatrist or a straight jacket. I point to the questions “What are you going to think or say next?” No one knows. Does talk arise from what you think? If you say certainly, then tell me, what you are going to say next?

25:00 That is the reason that ordinary people look outside themselves for something to control their consciousness. (ex. scripture, political belief systems etc. ) Crudely put, the thing most precious, singular, closest, and reflective, in their brain, is not under their control.

30:00 Religious, Philosophical, and Political systems give the appearance of control over consciousness. But it is a grand illusion. Can you smell the two week old tuna in that? "I am now my own man because I am a Republican!" Extreme dedication can be seen in any belief systems and it can almost frighten you that those are the people running life.

And it’s normal. Consciousness has engaged in an activity (ex. I’m a Christian, Republican, Italian etc.) that gives the impression that their consciousness is under their control. Are they throwing it away? (not actually) Compared to people like us they are.

35:00 Check for yourself. Have you ever heard a sane person say “my consciousness” is not under my control. They may compensate for it with religions, clubs, etc. They may invent rules to live by. Illusions. But only folks like us (mystics maybe, but you know what I mean) try to actually bring consciousness under control. And maybe only one in 20,000 ever catch on to what they are doing.

That is what wanting to wake up/enlightenment is. Taking the mystery out makes it more fun, because then you become a cornered rat. Instead of dreaming of studying with some Tibetan Master, you are stuck in Chamblee, Ga. You are stuck in Consciousness. Your Consciousness is the corner. Your Consciousness is the rat

And there is no way out. And there is only one thing to be done - trying to bring consciousness under control.

44:00 End.