Jan Cox Talk 0386 - Summary by EW & SD

0386 Jan Cox talk summary by EW and SD


Summary written 01/13/2019


The "Tricky-Trick" Of How Things Are Arranged:

Grasping fully that your job in THIS THING is not to correct, combat or destroy "The Old Guard" of the inner self; Rather, the needed direction lies not in the pop psychology of "Im ok you're ok," or, in the interminable belief of being flawed, but somewhere else entirely.

Picturing The Situation Within The Whole Spectrum Of The Human Life Span:

The childhood/adolescent/early-adulthood illusion, of "Going Somewhere" in Life's seeming expanse. The ideals run high. Life is fun. The grandeur of imagination runs toward seeing one's future self as highly accomplished, recognized and satisfied, regardless the role envisioned. Gradually a diminishing of the original dream state occurs, as Life's highway reveals its futilities. Lesser day-dreams come into play as we settle for the reality of what presents itself.

Picturing The Metaphor Of The Endless Highway Loop:

As humans age, it becomes apparent that Life is not "going anywhere." The situation is now felt for what it is: An endless beltway around The City of Line Level Consciousness. One begins to realize the unforeseen trap of "making a living" and "raising a family," or the "endless pressures of a chosen career track." Regardless the imagined "gains" of reputation, recognition, wealth or fame, the dissatisfaction sets in. Age brings "noises under the hood." Health concerns of "the vehicle" replace the preoccupation with earlier plans, dreams, expectations and intentions.

The Involvement Of The Self in "Necessary Irrelevance."

Over time, Life is so arranged to shift, almost seamlessly, a man's internal/external focus, from one preoccupation to the next. Caught on the periphery-highway-loop of The City consciousness, the interest goes from early stages of grandiose imaginings to a fallback interest in "maintaining the vehicle." The belief in this futile direction is seemingly hard-wired into the nervous system, and yet it is a trap for human consciousness. The belief that continues to drive the human mechanism is of a "Fix-It" type mentation.

A would-be Revolutionist must begin by recognizing the Necessity To Start in this ordinary human condition, by sensing that something is amiss, and then be able to discontinue with the highway's 3D loop. Seeing the Irrelevance of Everything, he/she must gradually grasp the ultimate Irrelevance of the Necessary trap and all that it presents. Fixing the vehicle is not the answer to life's seeming Problems, The "tricky-trick" is to Start somewhere and yet not get caught.

The Real Focus Should Be on Highway Design:

The Revolutionist must realize that his/her Work in This Thing, is not "fix-it" focus toward the vehicle, nor concern over Life's cleverly designed Highway loop trap. The sly awareness must be to discover a new piece of the highway. The correct focus must be in getting off the loop and onto the exit ramp to new wiring.

Metaphors Of The Endless Beltway Detailed:

The capacity to gradually recognize the Necessary/Irrelevance as preparation for insight into the human situation. Realizing that Jan cannot tell what Can't Be Told. A Revolutionist must internally labor to understand his individual position on the grid and its moment to moment movement. He/she must grasp that This Thing is too subtle for words. Pressing On must become the great Understanding and the deliberately-chosen (willful) Moto against our our seemingly nullified mortal situation on the 3D loop of City Consciousness.

Updated "Prescription" From Jan To The Would-Be-Revolutionist:

1) Abandon any interest in the Cause of Anything (whether inside the Self or outside)

2) Abandon any interest in the ILL of Anything ( whether inside the Self or outside)

By following this directive on the Highway of Life, by means of this "Prescription," the possibility arises of eventually discovering an area, an off-ramp, a corner of Consciousness, that Life does not allow. It is here that we see that things are not broken. No ordinary "traveler" is allowed at this juncture. Only a True Revolutionist has the propensity to find a glimpse of this "off-map" location. When it's beauty is revealed, "This Thing, "folds up" making a Mobius strip look crude,"

Willful Stalling Approach Revisited (from Talk 385:)

Grasping the purpose and perhaps prelude, of the Technique of deliberate Willful Stalling as an enhancement to The Prescription. Real Power detailed as to what it is Not. Ultimate Power in Work Direction, defined, in being able to "fuel" the vehicle (on your own) in order to "get around the corner " to an area of the wiring that you cannot now actualize, nor even yet conceive.

Final Words of Encouragement/Advisement From Jan:

"Don't forget. Take your best shot, IF, you've got a gun."