0383 Jan Cox Talk Summary by EW

Jan Cox Talk 0383 - Summary by EW
08/24/1988 76 minutes
Kyroots read 4:44

(Following Talk 382 with a sequential connection)

The first bottleneck of Excuse:
Starting with "Excuse" as the underpinning for a group member's continued use of alcohol and drugs, Jan goes deeper and reveals the systemic disorder of the human propensity to create "belief" in whatever he or she wants to do. Once the "belief" is set in place, the backhandedness of the stance continues: in this case, "Life is stressful, so I need substances." Such occupation with excuse for habit and pleasure do not allow for continued involvement in Jan's teaching.

Fear As The Second Bottleneck: (15:50)
Giving another example, from the group members, of the fear of flying in airplanes. Jan's travel to various cities involved this necessity and was met with fear among some who were to accompany him. The insight is given by Jan, that all humans harbor visceral fears of some sort or another. Such fear is primal and built-in per individual. In The would-be-Revolutionary, however, such inbuilt fears that interfere with what needs to be done, in both ordinary life and in the Work, must be understood for what they are and then let go. The person in question must "Press On" and fulfill the necessities required of him/her.

Anger As The Third Bottleneck: (30:30)
Only the Inferior get angry;
What could the Superior (FRIP) be angry at?

Anger is discussed as another "left-over" from the earlier spinal strata of the human nervous system. It is associated with feelings of powerlessness and inferiority. In my Fictitious Reasonably Insane Person, however, such reflexes must be understood and surpassed. This starts with the upper echelon in society being bred to control expressions of anger in public. Such is expected of them, while in lower classes, such controlled behavior would be seen to be exceptional.

The powerful Do not shout. (38:31)
Gradually, Life itself sets the bar and calls out to the Revolutionist who will grasp the necessity of new ranges of neural wiring. Jan's description of the F.R.I.P (Fictitious Reasonably Insane Person) reveals how the directive is set. Such people, although still active within City Consciousness, have begun to use the yellow circuit to benefit themselves. They have begun to grasp the bottlenecks of Excuse, Fear and Anger, at the very least, in the external expression of such, as being unprofitable to them personally. A true FRIP will not find himself/herself in lesser so-called "Situations" that are common among the lower strata of humanity.

Why no Scandals or Scoundrels among the Powerless? : (55:10)
Why is it, Jan asks us to ponder, that only the upper classes in society face scandals? What is it that Life is saying to us about the direction of the Yellow Circuit? When, perhaps, will a flea stop shouting at an elephant, to "get out of his way."

The Wrap up -
Only the powerless shout, Only the inferior get mad, The Powerless are never in scandals -> put it all together - What passes for an individual person's awareness of what they are....

Excursion: ( 1:11:24 )

Previously stated " why would anyone conscious do anything they did not want to do? -- " Ask yourself what a FRIP would no longer allow to happen?