0382 Summary by EW & SD

Jan Cox Talk 0382
summary by EW & SD

Suggested title : Whining and a whole string of “Fuck  its”
or Whining and a whole string of FuckIts

limitations of F.R.I.P.

   In the "city " a fictitious reasonably insane man is limited by what he considers the full use of the yellow circuit. 

   There is the erroneous equating of education and intelligence . 

    Physical prowess (red circuit ) such as gymnastics , swimming etc. can be scored and graded ...as in Olympic trials ... 9.8 , 9.7 . 

    Even artistic talent ( blue circuit ) can be rated . Music , painting can be recognized as great or mediocre .

   Yellow zone activity can not be so seen . There is no such physical grade for an Einstein .

[Intentions ]

   Why do people do things they do not intend ? 

    Why do people get pregnant ? Get arrested ? Say dumb things ? 

   And why is the excuse " Well , I didn't intent to " offered as the answer ? 

[Barriers to THIS ]

   You can not be involved in the continuous use of alcohol or drugs and be in this work . 

    You can not hold beliefs in anything from UFO's to talking to the dead and remain a part of THIS. 

    You can not depend on anything you have to go out and buy . 

     Fuck It ,  Fuck it , Fuck it .

    An indicator of such a need is the whining sound made at purchase . 

    Whining is the sound of humanity . 

  Caveat : It is not that one must not like or occasionally even do these things, but one must not NEED them. 

[Thoughts about denial ]

     For what would you be willing to die ? 

     Faith , creed, nationality ? 

    Would you feel differently if you were offered the deal that you could live if you only acted like a different faith,etc. ,rather than actually becoming a different faith ? 

     Real question :  What is the difference between acting and believing ? 

[How can there be 110%]

    110% is an impossible phrase that has come into being because of the 

   whining populous that settles for insufficient effort .

    Fuck It ! 

[Celebrating failure ]

   Whining ,dependency and insufficient effort have set the bar so low that we  now celebrate failure . 

    Even in something as straight forward as a reporter being expelled from an enemy country , we reframe it and present it as the expelling country 's fear of his journalistic prowess. 

    This is a typical indicator that Life always plays its own song and that everything in Life is self serving . 

[see diagram of spinal column and line level consciousness ]