0387 Jan Cox Talk - Summary by SD
1988-09-02 Duration = 62min
Kyroots to 6:23 read by RH and LB

Suggested title = CRUDE AS DIRT... A Metaphor?

Continuing thoughts from talk 386 on the metaphor of the endless beltway. One of the several Kyroots that introduce this talk ..."Everything that most people do is an excuse"

Tricked by the metaphor:
One of the mental traps that causes us to live in a state of constant excuses is that man in the CITY is obsessed with metaphorical comparisons. Man constantly searches for connections between the unconscious mind (that of the single person) and the art, architecture, culture ,etc.(that of the whole race). He is always trying to see how "in here" is like "out there". What he fails to see is that this is not "sort of like" or "kind of like" but that it is. One man's inner life is the external life of all men. There is no "living metaphor" because no metaphor is necessary. In THIS you must be able to understand that the history of all men is in the genes of each man. This thought is not clear to us because the CITY makes what should be obvious into the obscure and makes the obscure into the obvious. This is the tricky trick .... Nobody can see anything directly.

What's the point?
If you could actually see what IS, what would be the need for metaphor? This would put a stop to the constant analyzing of everything because there would be nothing to analyze. Things actually indicate what they are. We are blind to this because of the con game of life. And this con game like all con games, is crude. No matter how elaborate the presentation base level, it is still the same old crude con and beliefs like that, make you the most vulnerable ......" being mugged without a gun".

Nothing is like anything else:
Life is not "like a dance ".... Life is not "like a ball game ". Life IS a dance Life IS a ball game. Every mood, every dream, every piece of architecture is REAL LIFE, but in our attempt to explain we begin to use metaphors for everything. All of this is actually fueled by a genetic scheme that has always been there. Our brain is not engineered to register or hold this concept because there is a spilt in our awareness. We have a bifocal consciousness. To supersede this condition we must realize that nothing is LIKE anything else, because everything IS everything else.

[35:00)Division by two :
All of man's conceptions of life or himself are based in a division by two ... Man number 1 and Man number 2. All of Man number 1's interests are of his plans . "Where am I going?" "How will I get there?" Man number 1's path is that of the HIGHWAY. This outlook can come from his present circumstances or be stimulated by new interests.

Man number 2's interests are of his condition. "How am I doing?" "What am I thinking?" "What am I feeling?" This is the path of the VEHICLE . This outlook can come from the stimulation of life changes, health etc.

Both of these divisions can be actual people and their life outlook or different moods within one's self. In the CITY these are clean divisions and there is no overlapping. A true REVOLUTIONIST, however, must be able to merge these two. He must be able to see them as the same thing. He must do this because they are THE SAME THING. Simply put ...your plan is your condition and your condition is your plan.

[45:00] Let's flip on that:
Man sees everything divided into two. But, there is no such thing as a "one sided" coin. Heads and tails are the same coin. This is a continuation of the "I" and "not I" theme . Everything is seen as an alternative not an opposite to an alternative. We have to realize that the alternatives are the same thing.

[67:00] Task:
Neuralize which force dominates your interests .... Your plans or Your condition.

68:00 - End.