Jan Cox talk 0389 - summary by EHW

Jan Cox Talk 0389 - Summary by EHW
Kyroots read by KG and Rick M.
Two Talks by Group members DebH and Rick H
Task = How Far

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The Continual Binary Split:"An Honorable Victory" or The "Buts.."

A continuation of Talk 0388. Begins with a string of Kyroots: including 1)... If you have to paint yourself Green, then you are not the Incredible Hulk. 2) ... just because you know what you are doing in general doesn't mean you know what you are doing in particular. 3) ...the by-products are the Products.

(Diagram of the Binary Split)

The Continual Binary Split As Not Simple: Jan's extended Talk of a Binary Split of alternatives, representing growth and non-growth in the City World of binary consciousness. An indication of the relativity of this Split: It is not simply a person making a proper evolutionary or a devolutionary move; it also represents a basis of radicalized viewpoints between the Indians and the Settlers; Indians believing that Settlers are ruining their neighborhood and vice versa. it would take an extended, 4D view of the continuing Consciousness of Time, to allow you any suspicion as to how any particular action or circumstance was going to play out in the long range view of evolutionary Life. (8:51) Some examples might appear obvious at the moment; that some people involved in some event/action are going to be crushed or that beautiful trees are going to be cut down for a parking lot, but this is never the whole view. It's not just down to the level of C & D, as the apparent two dancers. There are also "notions" imbedded in belief systems of all parties that appear to complicate judgements: For instance, throughout history, such notions as "Honorable Victories" suggest their opposites, the notion of "Dis-honorable Victories." ( I.e , winning by means not Kosher, acceptable or honorable in terms of the set standards of the groups in question.)

10:58 In The Revolution there is No Such Thing As Dis-Honorable Victory: In The City there is the idea of "Conscience" that is tied to simple manifestations of the Binary Split, as to whether some action or the other is going to be growth conducive to Life or otherwise. This attempt can be expressed religiously, culturally, racially, moralistically etc. This is the City effort to condemn what is not honorable: Victories and triumphs can be felt to be good or bad: (12:04 ) examples of people winning by cheating, athletic events where substances are taken to give an advantage, in warfare, people not honoring the Geneva Convention etc. Wired into humanity is this constant judgement call as to what are honorable vs dis-honorable possibilities. (12:58) IN THE REVOLUTION, however, once you get your nervous system "ignited," you no longer have such questions as to honorable vs dis-honorable victories. There is no such thing. You would be in the 4th dimension and "dis-honorable victory" would be an impossibility. An oxymoron.

There is a kind of Absolute Certainty based within this larger level of Understanding.

(15:45) Humanity progressing, Going Uphill: In ordinary consciousness you can't see this as you still do not have a continual awareness of Time as the Seamless Backdrop to Everything. If you did (have this awareness) there would be no question as to whether individual instant behavior and affairs in The City, are leading toward more or less conducive lines of Growth on the Binary Split. This would be a 4D view. But as humanity cannot yet operate here, in 4D, lower binary levels produce illusionary mental constructs of frontiers, contours and episodic thinking. (17:21) This is like a fractured clock. Every "tick" and every "tock" is a new episode. It's like a single frame in a piece of film-strip, being singled out to represent a whole film. In the City, this chopped up thinking and the attempt to make meanings of it result in billions of perceptions, all of which mean next to nothing.

A Continuing Cry Within Humanity That Men Are Too Violent: (20:29) People are forever concerned, century after century that our next generation, our children, will not live through this (violence.) Based on this Cry there is a continuing apparent confusion in Mankind, asking how humanity can tolerate and support seemingly senseless wars. This Cry represents the Big Sticky Junction in the Binary Split: (22:17) This is the basis of what Wars are: whether it's a war going on, outside in the larger complex of Life or inside, in the complex of the individual, both can be realized as the continual Binary Split in operation. (22:25) The Greek wars, WWI, WWII, etc.etc., indicate that the big binary split is always going on. It's how Life Grows. Yet it looks like insanity. It looks useless and dangerous to us all... (24:49) But it's not. It's no more dangerous than you deciding to have another cigarette or another martini or another piece of pizza. It is a choice demanding to be made.

Inside A Person Doing This Thing: (27:33) there is always a similar situation. And yet The True Revolutionary will understand that any Victory within the Work Directive is always Honorable. You will know "I am at that juncture." It is no longer a question or having to check with Jan, or your Rabbi or your Priest; you will know which choice or Line is conducive to Growth. (28:52) Taking the Line that takes Effort is always the "honorable" course.

(31:11) Kyroot tells the story of the Father and the kid: the "I don't ever, Ever, want to hear any of your personal problems." The nipper is rejoicing, astonished at the Teaching of a Life time, told in so few words.(32:16) Jan admonishes the still low level "problems" brought to him by his students. These little "problems" are not a True Battle ( which is the inevitability of struggling with Real Growth.) In the Bushes, you must see these small problems as wasteful. The little struggles are of no serious consequence as they are part of a built-in tension.

(31:07) In the City, people struggle against change. They are struggling, unbeknownst to them, against the inevitability of change, and thus are always disturbed. (34:07) That struggle, that impetus, can be seen as fertilizer, as part of the change itself. If you are trying to get your vehicle to go in another direction, however, if you are trying to make your vehicle fly ( as would a Revolutionist) then you cannot continue to waste your time in that which is irrelevant.

(35:50) At 4D level, your personal problems are this irrelevance. City people may see this continual "personal problem" thing as having to make constant decisions in Life. The idea of Paradise, might be conceived as a place where one will never have to make another decision. (40:48) In such a Paradise idea, there may be imagined that only people of a certain caliber will be allowed in, thus "my group" will not have to put up with a lower or "Evil" group. I will therefore not have to make decisions, I will just submit to the Right God. (42:28)

(44:35) When the would-be-Revolutionist reaches the point of making decisions for himself/herself, they will see that anything that takes effort, when you get outside the hold of 3D consciousness, will never be a dis-honorable victory. In 4D you cannot do anything that is not conducive to Growth. Examples of a couple involved in the Work, when seeming difficulties come up: it must be realized that Real Growth never harms anyone else. Events/situations can feel like the sensation of harm, as they involve the inevitable struggle for growth, but in reality they are not harmful. In a 3D relationship, in the beginning of a break-up, the dance has changed. The balance between the partners has shifted.(47:23) A molecular fact has occurred. One partner sees something conducive to growth and the other partner doesn't. To someone tied to City consciousness, they can feel the break-up as other than honorable. (50:01) From 4D point of view, however, no matter how it looks, what you do is never to hurt anyone. (54:12) Change is not possible without hurting someone. On one part of the binary split, someone gets energy while the other part is depleted of energy. (55:19) Every choice you make hurts someone. Growth hurts and someone has got to pay. If you are alive, you are hurting someone. You can't step aside from "the game" of this continual juncture point of the binary split. (58:54) Humanities Institutions, be they religious, governmental, constitution-making etc., arise out of man's desire that Someone else make choices for him that he/she feels uncertain to make independently; "morally correct" choices.

Institutions then devise the Moto,the schematic, the "song" that addresses the "Sorry state of Man." (1:00:29) The "Original Sin" is devised to show Man as weak, as lazy. Yet, his "gods" are inclined, mechanically, to peruse the "D" line in the binary split. They have been created on the basis that "poof" they were here, from outside the System, and you can't have gods outside the system. (1:03:42) These gods that show up in this "poof" manner can be found in back-stories of all the religious founders. They all point to The Sorry State of Man, and then they say BUT, there is hope; there is help, there is salvation. To the Revolutionist, however, outside the City Consciousness, this BUT is not an answer to anything. "BUT" is what always promises to be "The Answer." Whether it's religious, economic or political, etc., the "BUT" shows up to explain. Back to the Old Father giving advise to the kipper, (1:06) the child is given a 2nd lesson: " Do you Understand, you are never to say "BUT..." To your Father? All of these "BUTS" we use are preludes to taking the "D" line. A "BUT" therefore is not an honorable victory...

All attempts at explanation as to why a person takes the lesser of the 2 possibilities, is hedged with a "BUT." An honorable act requires no statement. You don't have to defend an honorable act.


The 3 questions of How Far? Jan asks us to ponder: 1) How Far do you think you are from being straight forward with THIS? 2) How Far do you think you are from being straight forward with Jan? 3) How Far do you think you are from being straight forward with YOU?

(1:17:00) sketches from two group members:

1) What's The Point? The film The Last Temptation used as example. Energies are exchanged, but you have to be able to Hear them. (By DebH.)

2) Molecular energy flow between people discussed. The Noise detected in electronic systems and the possibility of a correlation with the human brain system. (By RickH.)